Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Showcards? Really?

IMG's showcards are out. Although, looking at the whole bunch, I have a hard time believing these are actually it. They look like they were put together last minute by an intern who used Photoshop and pictures from all the girls' tFS threads. Most of the cards, including Freja's, use a newer picture. Lara and Sasha's cards even feature their latest September covers that came out not too long ago. None of the cards are in color and they're all missing model measurements, a crucial component of the showcard. This is why I think these cards were a rush job, cobbled together as an afterthought.

Maybe these are just temporary showcards? Is there even such a thing? IMG usually puts out decent ones. They're not on the level of Supreme's, but I don't think anyone expects them to be. I guess I'm just confused because I thought they'd look better than this. With the quantity of high profile models on their roster, you'd think IMG would invest a little more in making their showcards. Or is it precisely for that reason why they don't? They're already so successful that showcards are a mere formality now?

Anyway, the cards remind me of this old models feature in Vogue Paris. Similar graphics and feel. Do you see it?

Just some final notes:
-Cato has moved up to the Women's board. I guess doing Models.Live helped her more than it helped Madeline and Austria who don't even have showcards and are both still on the Development board.
-Caroline Trentini makes her IMG showcard debut.
-Daria has no card. I guess I can stop hoping that she'll make a runway comeback.
-There are some great new faces who I'll be keeping my eyes on, but I'm putting my money on Bara for a breakout season.

Image Credits: imgmodels.com


Anonymous said...

I kinda expected them to do this. They really put little to no effort into their showcards. Compares to Supreme and One, this is a bit disappointing but I doubt this will effect Freja's ability to score more shows.

Anonymous said...

i actually like IMG's bore-fest of a showcard.i can't imagine anybody wanting to hire any of the Supreme girls, their cards are too harsh.

Rrose Sélavy said...

I'm not worried about Freja's ability to get shows. She's established enough that she can walk whatever she wants. I just think it's pretty disappointing for IMG in general. They need to step up their game or they'll lose their relevance.

I personally love the Supreme cards. Even if they are harsh, they're memorable and for newer girls that's what matters when you're going to castings. I'm still half expecting more showcards (with measurements) to come out...but who knows?

Anonymous said...

I agree about the memorable showcards bit especially when it comes to newcomers. The Supreme cards despite being "harsh" tend to showcase their girls' range. IMG isn't doing its new girls any favors by these bland showcards. Hence they have to depend on their established models to make money.

Rrose Sélavy said...

^Absolutely. I think this strategy will bite them in the ass eventually though. Girls like Freja, Lily, Lara, Heidi, Sasha, etc probably aren't going to model for much longer. Once they're gone, who will IMG fall back on to make the dough? They need to cultivate some new talent. I think it's telling that most of the newer girls with hype don't come from IMG. They come from Supreme, Next and the like. The only girl I can think of off the top of my head is Jac.

Then again, maybe they don't really care that much. Fashion is only one of their divisions. They're a worldwide company with branches in sports, entertainment, etc...

newbie said...

A showcard work like a namecard? How does a supreme showcard look likes?

Anonymous said...

You know what that means... our favorite veteran models will stay in the biz longer!

tm said...

I read, favorite Freja's scent is Jil Sander Pure. And now it's Gucci? ok, i should smell it.