Sunday, March 29, 2009

Poked and Prodded

A model's life isn't all about glamour, all the time. When they're not rushing from shows to fittings to rehearsals at all hours of the day and night, they're being fussed over backstage as if they were life sized Barbies. Personal space is something that I really value and I don't think I could take a billion people in my face all the time without going psycho. So this is one aspect of the industry where I'm more than happy to be just a spectator.

Take a look at these backstage prep pictures from throughout Freja's career. They give us an interesting glimpse into the life of a model, and I also think they remind us that models are normal people. Yes, they're all super tall, thin and gorgeous, but when you get down to it they're people who experience the gamut of emotions and feelings and it's nice to have those captured backstage outside the veneer of the catwalk.

Freja looks SO young in some of these pictures!

Check out that mischievous smile in the center picture.

Wouldn't you looked pissed too if you had that many people pulling on your hair?

Backstage is the perfect time to catch up on your music.


Freja sees you!

Image Credits: Corbis, Firstview,, Vmagazine

Thursday, March 26, 2009

A View from the Side

We always concentrate on how a model looks from the front, but we often forget about the side view. We are missing out because I think Freja has a really beautiful, distinctive side profile. I love how this picture highlights it, and also draws attention to the details we overlook when we only look at the front. Here we have a row of bobby pins, Freja's helix piercing, and her tattoo all gathered in the center of this photograph. A potentially straightforward photograph suddenly appears nuanced, textured and complex due to these three elements. Kudos to the photographer who had the view from the side.

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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Cutest Bunny Ever!

Easily my favorite backstage picture to come out of this past season. What a great moment to capture on camera. I just love the spontaneity and playfulness of the picture, and it's nice to see Freja having some fun.

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Friday, March 13, 2009

The Final Tally - FW0910

Total Shows: 36
Opening: 1
Closing: 1

New York: 12
Alexander Wang
Diesel Black & Gold
Herve Leger
Isaac Mizrahi
Jonathan Saunders
Marc Jacobs
Marc by Marc Jacobs
Narcisco Rodriquez
Rag & Bone
Tommy Hilfiger
Zac Posen

London: 0

Milan: 10

Alberta Ferretti
Burberry Prorsum
DSquared2 (O)
Emilio Pucci
Roberto Cavalli

Paris: 14
Akris (C)
Dries Van Noten
Isabel Marant
Karl Lagerfeld
Louis Vuitton
Miu Miu
Rick Owens
Stella McCartney

The Final Tally - Paris

Paris FW0910 - 14 shows total, 1 closing slot

Balmain (2 looks)
Rick Owens (2 looks)
Isabel Marant (2 looks)
Loewe (2 looks)
Karl Lagerfeld (2 looks)
Akris (3 looks) Closed
Dries Van Noten (2 looks)
Stella McCartney
Chanel (2 looks)
Louis Vuitton
Miu Miu

Freja had her best showing out of the three cities in Paris! The week was full of surprises and some disappointments, but overall I'm thrilled with her Paris showlist. She started off strong on the second day of Paris shows at Balenciaga. Having been a campaign girl for them in the past, her appearance was no surprise.

The day continued on at Balmain, also as expected. No one rocks a leather mini-dress like Freja. Some of the best legs in the business I tell you.

Surprise number one came with her walking the Rick Owens show for the first time. He is one of my favorite designers and his leather jackets are always magnificent, so you can imagine my delight seeing Freja wrapped up in them.

The next day was a calmer day, with only one show at Isabel Marant. You'll soon begin to notice that Freja operated on an alternating schedule of busy and slow days during Paris. Anyway, this was the show I most wanted her to walk in, because the Isabel Marant woman effortlessly epitomizes chic and sexy to me. In my perfect world the perfect woman would be dressed in Marant. Now combine my favorite model with one of my favorite brands and it's bliss.

After the high of Marant, and the low of her missing Dior, Freja showed up at Loewe the next day along with a cadre of other top models. Perhaps the Spanish leather-goods company wanted a buzz for their first runway show in a few seasons, so they hired a lot of the more well known girls to walk.

Sunday in Paris was one of the craziest days with many top brands scheduled to show, and Freja walked in three shows. First at Karl Lagerfeld of course. You can always count on Karl, although I was disappointed she didn't open or close the show considering she is the face of their current SS09 campaign.

Next we saw her at Akris in three different looks including the closing one. She always does well for them on the runway and I believe she opened and closed their runway show two seasons ago. They should just give her the campaign already! But alas, the upcoming one is already set to go to Tao Okamoto (although I'm really happy for her).

The day finished at Dries Van Noten, another one of Freja's usual runway gigs. She looked beautiful in the pastel colors and her hair was amazing.

On Monday, another calmer day, Freja walked in Stella McCartney. We got some amazing backstage pictures from this show and it looked like everyone was relaxed and having a bit of fun.

Tuesday brough with it one of the biggest surprises of the month for Freja fans. However, first came the expected with Freja walking in Chanel. Again, no opening or closing slot so I guess my wish of her being the Chanel campaign girl again will go unanswered.

Then came Valentino. Yes, Freja walked that runway in a blue gradient dress in all her tattooed glory. Things have changed a lot in the industry when a girl with short hair and multiple visible tattoos can strut down the runway for Valentino.

The next day Freja walked in Chloe sporting probably my favorite look of hers in terms of makeup and hair for the whole season. The wavy extensions accentuated her face and really showed us that she was looking so refreshed this season. They also brought back memories of her long-haired days.

On thursday the end of a long month arrived with the last day of shows. Freja gave us a proper goodbye by walking Louis Vuitton in crazy high shoes....

....and then walking Miu Miu with her body covered in glitter. Marc and Miuccia have always put her in their shows so its nice to see these relationships continue.

And now as the runways empty out we wait for campaign news. Freja really had a strong showing this season and she's looking as beautiful and happy as ever, so we'll see what happens. Now excuse me as I go and occupy my now free time by filling up my lookbook.

Image Credits:, Coutorture, fashionologie,

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Goodbye Paris, Goodbye Fashion Month

Today is the last day of shows, and as we come to an end I must admit that I'm saddened by the finish. It's been a long, tiring, exciting month full of dips and dives in hemlines, necklines and global financial markets. And as fashion month closes we must look to other things to take our minds off of the current precarious state of things.

At least we have this last day to relish in. We already know Freja walked in Louis Vuitton and I expect her to be at Miu Miu as well. We'll get fun, beautiful pictures to look at and squeal over, and then it will be over.....until September that is. :)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Look Back at Chloe

Freja walked in the Chloe show today and I almost couldn't believe my eyes. Was this really Freja? Or did I stumble upon a time warp that had taken me back to Freja a few seasons ago? The short hair and stern expression, which have been her companions of late, were gone and in their place we saw long, glamorous waves and the return of her sly, knowing smirk.

Indeed, this was Freja walking in this seasons' Chloe show and looking every bit as young and fresh as she did during her first season. This got me to thinking that it would be quite interesting to look back on all of Freja's seasons walking for Chloe. That way we can actually see just how much, or how little she's changed. Take a look down memory lane:

Spring/Summer 2006 (she opened and closed)

Fall/Winter 2006/2007

Spring/Summer 2007 (she opened)

Fall/Winter 2007/2008 (she closed)

Spring/Summer 2008
Freja left Paris early and did not walk.

Fall/Winter 2008/2009

Spring/Summer 2009
Freja left Milan early and consequently did not walk in any Paris shows.

So, what was your favorite season? Do you think Freja is looking as good this season, or even better than when she first started?

I hope to make "A Look Back" a regular feature on this blog because I think it's important to take note of the past. Afterall, it informs the present and helps us to understand the current state of things. Also, it's just nice to look at old Freja pictures.

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