Wednesday, December 10, 2008


for the lack of updates. Although, Freja hasn't done much lately for me to update on. I swear, she must hibernate for part of the year or something. She always seems to disappear right around the Spring/Summer runway season. We did get new editorial in the January 2009 issue of Vogue Nippon which I will post later on. But I'm still holding out hope for some ad campaign news. Fingers crossed!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Competely Freja unrelated, but completely worthy of a post.

Today we elected Barack Hussein Obama as the 44th president of the United States of America. After 8 years of incompetence and failed leadership, the American people voted resoundingly for change and hope. This is an historical moment that will forever be remembered by all who took part. Today I can say with absolute certainty that I am proud to be an American and I am proud of the American people.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Black is the

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During this past week, on October 20th to be exact, Freja made a rare appearance at the opening party for Mobile Art: CHANEL Contemporary Art Container by Zaha Hadid held in NY's Central Park. Dressed in black from head to toe and accompanied by friend and fellow model Catherine McNeil, Freja is the epitome of androgynous chic. Both models look great and I can't help but wonder if they coordinated their outfits considering the matching blazers and all black motif. However, Freja stands out for her attention to detail. Check out the hardware flourishes on her blazer, echoed by the detail on her boots. Bonus points for the sexy, mussed up hair. Factor in the smile and dimple in the first picture and she is just perfection!

Freja usually doesn't attend events and parties like this, so her appearance intrigues me. Maybe she's there just to support Karl. Or maybe Karl asked her to come because he has something else in store for her (*cough*campaign*cough*). I can only dream. Maybe she's a lover of contemporary art, and if so, she's definitely a girl after my own heart. Maybe she just showed up for the Hercules and Love Affair performance. The following excerpt from would lead me to believe the last reason is most likely, as we all know Freja has a love of music:
Then there was Zaha Hadid in metallic leggings, plus Zac Posen and a slew of stunning models (of which Freja Beha was by far the closest to the stage, and seemingly most stoked for the show). The performance flirted with the raucous but leaned more towards refined. It was Chanel after all.
Nevertheless, this rare sighting tells us that Freja was in NY this past week. Was she in town just for this particular event? Did she have a job shoot? Does she live in NY now? Who knows? I always thought she lived in Copenhagen because she said she bought an apartment there in one of her FTV backstage interviews. But that interview was from an old season. It seems like she has been popping up in NY quite a bit recently. Just some food for thought.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Tattoo Recap

I consider the job of a model to be a beautiful blank canvas -- a vehicle through which a designer conveys his or her creative point of view. One of the things I find so intriguing about Freja is that she isn't a blank canvas. Instead, she has chosen to adorn her skin with multiple tattoos. How does she survive with these permanent markings, much less attain notable success, in an industry that triumphs mutability and the ephemeral? I think you would be hard pressed to find any other model would could continue to get the caliber of work Freja does if she were sporting 13 (and counting!) tattoos. For me, herein lies the basic foundation of Freja's appeal and mystery. She is completely part of the fashion machine; an established girl with many campaigns, covers and editorials under her belt who has walked the catwalk in all the big cities at all the major shows. And yet, she simultaneously asserts herself outside of and apart from this world as well. I hope to explore this idea in depth later on, but for now I give you a visual recap of it's most obvious aspect.

1. "Float" located on the left side of her neck

2. Upsidedown Triangle located on the back of her neck

First Freja had the outline, then she had it colored in:

3. Unknown graphic design located behind her right ear

4. "Serendipity Is Life" located on the back of her upper right arm

5. "This Too Shall Pass" located on the inside of her upper right arm

6. "This World Tonight Is Mine" located around her right wrist

7. Colt revolver located on the inside of her upper left arm

8. "Redemption" located on her upper left forearm

9. Three circles located on the inside of her left wrist

Again, Freja had them outlined first only to fill them in with color later:

10. Small star located on the upper left side of her torso

11. "M" located on the upper right side of her torso

Mysteriously, the "M" was later replaced by a lightning bolt:

12. Lines located on the middle finger of her left hand

13. Graphic design located on her lower stomach, of which no picture has ever appeared and understandably so.

I end with an excerpt about Freja from the 'Models' Ink" feature in the August 2008 issue of British Vogue:
She got her first tattoo, a graphic design low down on her stomach, when she was 16. She hadn't really planned it, but passing by a tattoo parlour late one night, simple decided to get something done. Her modelling career appears to have been similarly spontaneous. "When I was 15 I did a little modelling as a summer job. I didn't think it would become anything serious, but the little jobs led to bigger jobs and two years later I was walking down the catwalk for Prada." And Prada didn't mind her tattoos? "Nobody has minded so far, I don't think," Erichsen says, "but then they weren't in obvious places at the beginning. They were easily covered. Still, I did make a deal with my agent about a year ago: she said I could get as many tattoos as I wanted as long as I didn't cut my hair."

Erichsen now has 12 tattoos - several distinctly visible - as well as a short, boyish crop. "I just felt like it," she says of her hair, "and so I cut it myself. I don't think it affected work either way." Her tattoos include a star under her arm, a gun on the inside of her upper left arm, three circles on her wrist, and various bits of writing, including the phrase "this world tonight is mine", which comes from a PJ Harvey song ("My version of carpe diem"), and the phrase "this too shall pass" ("Obviously I was going through some stuff when I had that done." What stuff? "Just personal stuff"), as well as the word "float" ("as in float through life, don't sink") on the side of her neck. "I just like getting them done," Erichsen explains. "I like the whole process, especially coming up with something you want, which never takes me long. Like the revolver. That's not a heavy symbol for me. I like guns and I think the design is pretty, and once I have an idea I have to go there. I'm definitely hooked on getting tattoos."

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Freja!

Today marks the 21st year that Freja Beha Erichsen has been on this earth. As a very meager present to her, I have created this blog in her honor. I hope she experiences as much happiness this upcoming year as we fans have experienced in her presence. To commemorate the occasion, a very early Freja polaroid for your enjoyment. Probably the earliest one that has ever surfaced.