Sunday, February 28, 2010

The News We've All Been Waiting For!

We were anticipating it, expecting it, demanding it. And now it's here and it's true. Freja has the March 2010 cover of Vogue Italia shot by Steven Meisel!
"We welcome spring through the intense gaze of Freja Beha Erichsen, the 22-year old Danish top model, clad in a white lace dress by Dolce e Gabbana. Behind the camera the skillful eye of fashion photographer Steven Meisel. This is the cover look for the new issue of Vogue, at your newsstand on 3 March. The magazine, with its photo shoots, interviews and cult features, will tell us about the month of March, dictating the latest trends in fashion and beauty but also in art and music. Always focusing on events and celebrities. "
For Freja fans who've been with her for years (like myself) , this is the news we've always hoped for but never thought to be in the realm of possibility. In fact, hearing it now still seems a little surreal. Like a fuzzy dream that leaves remnants in your memory after you wake up. But this IS real.

How very fitting that we end the last day of Milan Fashion Week with this news. During one of her best runway seasons ever, we get the proverbial cherry on top; icing on the cake; having our cake and eating it too. Truly, truly unbelievable in the best possible way. I feel like words just aren't adequate enough to express how happy I am for this. I guess it just feels nice to have all the time and effort we've put in over the years as fans finally pay off to the fullest.

Thanks to tFS member slow_hands for breaking the news!!!! Now we celebrate! :)

Friday, February 26, 2010

From Backstage in Milan

You guys all know who Delphine Achard is, right? If you love backstage pictures then you're definitely familiar with her beautiful work. I've talked about her before because I was so drawn to some photographs she took of Freja during the FW0910 season. And it turns out that Delphine is shooting backstage for Vogue Paris and WWD at the Milan shows right now.

Anyway, she knows (and is probably amused at) how huge of a Freja fan I am and all of you are, so she's created a new little section on her website of some backstage pictures from this season, with Freja being featured prominently. Here's a sneak peek below of Freja backstage at Versace:

If you want to see the other pictures I'm sending you to Delphine's own website. If you've never been before, take a few moments, browse around and soak up the beautiful images from various seasons that Delphine deftly captures with her camera. You definitely won't be sorry! Oh, and if you're going to post these anywhere or use them for your tumblrs, blogs, facebooks, twitters, whatever....please don't forget the proper credits and to link back to Delphine's website. We're lucky enough to get these pictures so let's not abuse the privilege please. And more exposure for Delphine might mean more pictures for us in the future. ;) Thank you Delphine!

Image Credits: photographs taken by Delphine Achard @

The Pattern Continues

Take a look a this old post. And now take a look at this backstage picture from Fendi:

Some things will never change. :)

Image Credits:

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Surprises Aren't Always Good

If you've been reading this blog, you've probably noticed that a huge theme for this season has been surprises. Freja getting photographed by Meisel for US Vogue. Freja walking in Anna Sui for the first time ever. Freja opening and closing Oscar de la Renta. Well, surprises aren't always so pleasant and we had our first taste of the other side of things today.

Freja didn't walk for Prada, the show at which she made her world wide runway debut back during the FW0506 season. She's missed the show twice before (SS08 and SS09) but she left Milan early both those times. This is the first time where she's been in the city but hasn't walked for the show, meaning she did not get cast for whatever reason. So, surprise indeed.

On a positive note, she was at Fendi earlier today. So at least we know she's doing Milan! I'm still disappointed to say the least. Freja and Prada just go so well together in my mind, but after seeing the styling of the show I can understand why she wasn't the best fit for it. Nevertheless, it still sucks. It sucks about as much as when Elise Crombez stopped walking for Prada. :(

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

London FW1011 Recap

London Fashion Week F/W 10.11 - 6 Shows Total 0 Opening Slots 2 Closing Slots

Aquascutum - 2 Looks
Burberry Prorsum - 3 Looks
Jaeger London - 2 Looks
Jonathan Saunders (C) - 2 Looks
Julien MacDonald - 2 Looks
Pringle of Scotland (C) - 3 Looks

Whoa, is it just me, or did London seem to fly by in the blink of an eye? I know it's not completely over yet, with today being the last day of shows. Buy with all the big names having already showed, you can bet most of the fashion flock have packed up for Milan. Anyway, Freja continued her great season by walking for only the second time ever in London. If she keeps up her pace for all four cities, she could fool me into thinking that she's the new "it" girl and not a veteran of 11 runway seasons dating back five years to 2005.

Her first appearance came on Sunday at Julien MacDonald, followed by a runway debut for label Acquascutum.

Monday came Jaeger London and Pringle of Scotland. The later show in which Freja had three looks and closed.

On Tuesday, Freja walked for Jonathan Saunders (who doesn't seem to be going anywhere after moving his show from NY to London last season). She closed that show as well, and if she continues with this opening and closing rate in Milan and Paris she'll be top three for sure.

Later during the day Freja walked in Burberry Prorsum as expected. It was a great show for those that got to watch it streaming live. The over sized shearling coats and biker boots and booties definitely had me lusting. And it was also great to see Karmen Pedaru, as a London exclusive, open the show. She's such a great model who has been flying under the radar up until now. And as we all know, she's a good friend of Freja's.

Milan starts today, but the shows that everyone are looking forward to start tomorrow with Fendi and Prada. If things go according to expectations, we'll see Freja at both. And aren't you just dying to see who the Prada exclusives will be this year? Miuccia always has something interesting up her sleeve.

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Walking Patterns

Freja has a funny predilection for doing something different from the norm for her final walks during runway shows. I talked about this last season with Sonia Rykiel and Hermes. Now this season brings us Isaac Mizrahi. Take a look:

@ 8:00 with Marina

@ 0:58 with Lara

@ 9:40 with Abbey

I guess it shows a comfort level on the runway and sense of ease that only comes with walking in hundreds of shows over an 11 season period. And it must be a nice way to catch up with your model friends after not seeing them since last season. ;) Anyway, this goes to show you that the show isn't over until it's over. If you stop watching after seeing all the looks, you could miss funny and cute moments like the ones above that happen during the final walk. So keep your eyes peeled!

Monday, February 22, 2010

New Editorials and London

Here are two of Freja's March magazine madness editorials:

Chic Mystique
W Magazine March 2010
Ph: Mario Sorrenti

Love At First Sight
Vogue US March 2010
Ph: Steven Meisel

I'm just so happy to see Freja in US Vogue that I can't really say anything substantive or meaningful about the editorial. Usually I'm apathetic towards standard studio edits, but this one is special, obviously. And the rest of the cast is so great that I don't mind that Freja only has three shots. I like to think of this as a stepping stone to bigger and better things, hopefully. Finally US Vogue is changing up their model casting. In addition to Freja, this issue also boasts debuts for Abbey Lee, Patricia van der Vliet, and Mirte Maas! If Anna Wintour keeps this up I'll actually be looking forward to getting my copy of Vogue in the mail every month. Now...if we could just get her to do something about those awful celebrity covers....but even that might be changing in the near future. I swear, this entire month has seen the fashion world turned upside-down and inside out, especially for us Freja fans.

Anyway, as you all know by now, Freja is in London and she's already walked two shows, one of them a debut for her: Julien MacDonald and Acquascutum. The craziness continues, so if you thought this week was going to be a nice break between New York and Milan, think again. London is the place to be right now as a lot of models are walking there this season (think Anja, Abbey, Freja, Karlie, Sigrid, etc). I think this is great for a city that's generally overlooked. Collections have been strong so far so take a look when you get the chance.

Oh, and thanks to tFS member s'gnac, we have a preview of Freja's SPUR cover. I guess that means it's out in Japan and hopefully we'll be able to see some scans of the story eventually.

Image Credits: My scans, via s'gnac @ tFS

Saturday, February 20, 2010

New York FW1011 Recap

New York Fashion Week F/W 10.11 - 14 Shows Total
4 Opening Slots

2 Closing Slots

Alexander Wang - 1 Look
Anna Sui - 2 Looks
Calvin Klein - 2 Looks
Carolina Herrera - 1 Look
Derek Lam (O) - 2 Looks
Diesel (O) - 2 Looks
Hexa by Kuho (C) - 2 Looks
Isaac Mizrahi - 2 Looks
Marc by Marc Jacobs - 1 Look
Marc Jacobs - 1 Look
Michael Kors - 1 Look
Narciso Rodriguez - 2 Looks
Oscar de la Renta (O) (C) - 3 Looks
Y-3 (O) - 1 Look

Wow, what a week it's been. I'm still rubbing my eyes in disbelief at Freja's showing in New York. The week started off earlier than expected with her first appearance at heretofore unknown Korean label Hexa. But after that bright start, things seemed to slow down when Freja missed Rag & Bone on Friday. With her only appearance way back on Wednesday, I wondered if she would be showing up much at all in New York.

Saturday brought the Alexander Wang show, and Freja's only appearance for the day. She was en route to what I predicted; a nice, relaxed, occasional appearance at all the big shows.

However, on Sunday we got our first (of many) surprise when Freja opened the Y-3 show and ended it by triumphantly knocking out Yohji himself.

On Monday the surprises continued when Freja walked Carolina Herrera, a show she last walked two years ago during the FW0809 season. The day ended as expected with Marc Jacobs, a beautifully understated and elegant show. I caught the live stream and it was just breathtaking. The perfect tone to compliment what everyone was feeling going into fashion week with the news of McQueen's death; melancholic and bittersweet, yet hopeful.

Freja continued her streak on Tuesday by opening Derek Lam, walking for Marc by Marc Jacobs, closing the Diesel show and walking for Narciso Rodriguez. Girl was on fire during her busiest day of the week, expertly demonstrating her versatility with the different timbres of each show.

Wednesday brought more surprises (notice a theme here?) in that Freja made her runway debut for two designers. First she walked for Michael Kors in the morning as usual. Then came her debut for Oscar de la Renta, where she opened and closed (!) the show wearing three total looks. You could hear the collective jaw droppings of Freja fans around the world in reaction to this news, but it didn't stop there. Later that night Freja made her debut for Anna Sui, a show I never thought we'd see her walk. But if I learned anything this New York fashion week, it's that anything is possible. All the things you deem impossible, all the limits you think insurmountable, all the boundaries you think impassable; these things are always subject to change. Freja is proof of that in fashion.

On the last day of NYFW, and the last day at Bryant Park, Freja walked for Isaac Mizrahi in the morning and Calvin Klein later during the day. Calvin was another surprise and my favorite appearance of the week. The complex simplicity and minimalistic design tendencies of CK fit sublimely with the angles of Freja's face. The line of the clothes and sleeked back hair style really highlighted her true beauty, and indeed the beauty of every model who walked in the show.

It was by far my favorite cast of models, with a wonderful mix of the old and new. It was risky, yet oh so appropriate for the collection. You can't go wrong with Kristy, Tanga, Stella and Kristen. And the new CK exclusives were amazing as well: Julia Nobis, Gwen Loos, and Melissa Tamarijn. I'll be keeping my eye out for those girls, especially Julia.

It was very fitting that Freja's last show at Bryant Park was Calvin Klein, a brand that she walked for early on in her career. It felt like things were coming around full circle, and I thought it was such a proper ending to her Bryant Park career. Now onto the Kennedy Center next season!

Which shows were your favorites? What was the best surprise for you? With NY taken into consideration, I really can't wait to see what London (hopefully), Milan and Paris have in store for us. Although, I don't think any surprise could top the ones we've already had.

Image Credits:, wwd

Friday, February 19, 2010

One Last Front Line Report

New York fashion week is officially over and the tents are being taken down for the last time. Bittersweet moment for all those involved I'm sure. So as the tents go down, I have one last report and one last batch of pictures to bring to you from Cameo.

Before Isaac Mizrahi

After Isaac Mizrahi

After Calvin Klein

Word is that Freja will be doing London. Although, Cameo tells me this news doesn't come from Freja herself, so believe it or ignore's up to you. I know some people are curious, especially with the lack of a London showcard and all. But Freja's only missed one Burberry show since she started walking the runways, so the news could be valid. I guess we only have to wait until Tuesday to find out for sure. Besides, with the way her show season has been going so far, it wouldn't surprise me at all if Freja walks every major London show. Things are just that unpredictable this season.

It's been a pleasure Cameo. Thanks once again for your generosity, and for being our eyes and ears at Bryant Park! I know I speak for everyone when I say we truly appreciate it and we'll miss your reports!

(Once again, please don't forget to credit Cameo if you're going to repost these pictures anywhere else. Thanks!)

Image Credits: Pictures taken by Cameo

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Femininity's Triumphal Return

After months of complaining, the fashion gods have heard my cries. Freja is finally moving away from the androgyny that has defined her for so long, and into a femininity that was more characteristic of her early modeling days. I couldn't be happier right now. Yes, she is more than just the tough girl. Yes, she is more than just androgyny. Yes, she can look like a woman. Finally, people are starting to see what we've known all along. And here's the proof:

She walked on the runways of Carolina Herrera, Oscar de la Renta and Anna Sui; three designers best known for their feminine frocks. A change has come and I'm so very excited to see how it all plays out for the European shows!

Oh, and two shows on the schedule for today. Isaac Mizrahi for sure, as Cameo tells me, and another one....probably Tommy. So Freja will be present for the last day of New York shows, but her London prospects are still uncertain. Even without a showcard, I have my fingers crossed for an appearance at Burberry.

Also, here are some more lovely candid shots courtesy of Cameo, who has been so wonderful and gracious this season. Thanks once again for being our eyes and ears at the tents! (As usual, please remember to credit her if you're going to repost these pictures anywhere. These candids are a perk and not a right so please don't abuse them. Thanks!)

Before Oscar de la Renta

After Oscar de la Renta

Before Michael Kors

After Michael Kors

After Anna Sui

Image Credits:, catwalking, candids taken by Cameo