Thursday, September 24, 2009

Prada and Milan

Freja walked Prada today as expected:

Unexpectedly, Sasha and Ymre (who was assumed to be Muiccia's current favorite) did not. Iselin made a return and the rest of the cast (minus Lara and Natasha) was full of new names and up-and-comers including Mirte Maas, the beauty who opened the Alexander Wang show and who had an impeccable New York showlist. Also unexpectedly, two Asian models and one black model walked the show. This is a big departure, albeit a good one, for Prada in that it has never been known for racial diversity on it's runway.

Miilan has officially begun! It's only day two and we're already shaking things up. Now let's see if the other shows will follow suit.

Image Credits: catwalking via tFS member Nils, fashionologie


SF said...

too bad there was no Ymre and Sasha but Friselin was!
btw, why is Milan FW so short? they have so many big names yet just 4 measly days.

Anonymous said...

Freja is AMAZING, and it's such a good thing that a good blogger like you are blogging about her.
I must say I enjoy the blog very much, and hope you keep up the good work :)

take care

Rrose Sélavy said...

Milan is seven least according to the schedule that I have. Maybe your schedule got cut off?