Monday, September 21, 2009

I Met Freja - Cameo Lwin's Fan Encounter Story

I don't know about you, but I'm such a sucker for model encounter stories. I love hearing every single detail from who they were with to what they were wearing. So, thanks to the kindness and generosity of a Freja fan, I can share the story of a Freja encounter from a few days ago in New York.

All the credit for this goes to the wonderful Freja fan, Cameo Lwin. If you're going to repost her pictures anywhere, I ask that you please give her credit where credit is due. She was kind enough to want to share her experience and pictures, so please be respectful of that! Thank you.

While visiting New York, Cameo was lucky enough to run into Freja on a few occasions at the tents. In addition to getting some great candid shots, she also had the chance to speak to Freja. Here are her pictures and her story, in her own words.
I’ve known of this model Freja Beha Erichsen, featured in CK in2U and Gucci by Gucci ads since a couple years back. But I just didn’t really "notice" her until my friend showed me the pictures of her after she cut her hair short. I liked her unique style and how she always looked effortlessly cool in any outfit. I’m not a fashion fanatic. I love photography; be it landscape or high fashion editorials, and I simply fell in love with Freja’s pictures. The more I googled her, the more I got hooked.

By chance, I am in New York for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring 2010, and so I decided to go to the tents to check out all the buzz, and to take pictures of models and celebrities.

I wasn’t feeling well and missed Alexander Wang and Erin Wasson shows on first few days :( I was finally well enough to go Bryant Park for Derek Lam’s show Sunday morning. I sat at the table opposite the backstage entrance of the tent, not so optimistic about my luck to bump into anyone big. I saw familiar faces of some models and I was casually snapping away candid shots of them passing by. Then I saw Freja walk out of the tent. She had her hair and makeup done, but she was still in her usual gear, i.e, t-shirt and jeans. She’s really thin (maybe since she doesn’t wear heels when she’s not working/walking, I think she kinda looked a little smaller compare to some other models with heels), but she look really fit. She sat at the table across mine and was talking to other models and crew. I went over to ask if I could take some pictures and if she would sign my t shirts, which she did willingly. She noted my hands were shaky and asked me if I was cold. I told her I was just very nervous to be in front of her. She laughed and told me there was no need to be. I believe all her fans already know that she has this low sexy voice. She was really warm and friendly. We chatted a little. She seemed genuinely pleased when I said I like her collection of tattoos. She even let me take a video of her saying hi to my friend in Asia, who is a HUGE fan of her’s. She told me to enjoy NY and the rest of the Fashion Week. I went back to sit down, still not believing that I’ve just talked to her. She continued to sit there for a good while, smoking and chatting with other models (Maryna, Heidi and a couple more), and only went back inside just before the show. It seems like everybody loves her and wants to be around her. After the show, she left with Lily D. Anyway, I am a Frily fan, so ... ;)

The next few days when I saw her at the Marc Jacobs, Narciso Rodriguez and Michael Kors shows, she remembered me and greeted me. I was on cloud 9! Every time I saw her, I noticed she was never late for shows. I never saw her running from photographers, or rushing and jumping over the chairs to get to the shows. She walked with a steady pace, always stopping and posing for pictures. Almost every reporter/photographer and fan I got to know during Fashion Week knows who Freja is and likes her. I don’t understand why some call her the bad girl or a rebel. I sincerely believe Freja is the nicest model I’ve ever met (followed closely by Lily Donaldson of course ^_^ ). I also got to meet and take photos of other models like Sasha, Anja, Natasha, Miranda Kerr etc and some celebrities like Eva Mendes and Emily Blunt, but Freja tops everyone…hands down!

Here are some of her pics I took. I know they are not the best quality photos but I'm glad I got them.

It still feels surreal to me that I met and talked to the edgy, stunning girl from the awesome pictures in glossy magazine pages. I adore Freja even more now, and wish her all the best in whatever she does :)

At Derek Lam with Heidi Mount

At Derek Lam with Lily Donaldson

At Derek Lam with Maryna Linchuk

FNO T-Shirt Autographed by Freja

After Marc Jacobs

At Narciso Rodriguez

At Michael Kors

Thanks so much for sharing your experience and photos with us Cameo! I know that all the Freja fans who haven't had the chance to meet her love and appreciate hearing stories from the fans who have. I know I absolutely do. I'm also so happy that everything worked out for you in New York. This couldn't have happened to someone nicer. :) Thanks again!

Image Credits: All Pictures taken by Cameo Lwin


Genevie said...

Awww :) :)
I used to love her a few seasons ago, and now not so much, but this reignited my Freja-obsession. Thanks for the post!

endia said...

Aww! I love to hear wonderful fan encounters like this one. Makes me love Freja even more, if that's even possible. lol. She seems like a really pleasant lady.

Anonymous said...

SO luckyy. I love how she's so relaxed all of the time, and that husky voice.....
Great photos aswell.

Anonymous said...

I recall that VMagazine interview a few years back where Freja questions why she is classed as 'rebel' girl. She goes onto state that she is nice, polite and never late. This encounter backs Freja up. Goes to show that there is no reason why the industry has cast her as Rebel Freja other than she has a large collection of tattoo's and a fierce scowl. Someone on TFS dismissed this encounter as a bit 'fanboyish'. I would argue that anyone who met Freja would probably get a little fanboy in her presence cause well.. she's Freja

SF said...

one of my many goals is to meet my favorite models,starting off with Freja. you're so lucky Cameo! thanks for sharing.

sucha tit said...

I just wanted to say the story and photos are BRILLIANT. Thanks for sharing. Also, thank you for this blog. I love Freja and this is the best source I've come across for her latest projects, etc. THANK YOU.

Anonymous said...

freja is hot

The Rebel said...

wooooow. Great. Speechless.

U r such a lucky guy :)

Wanna meet Freja. She is always numb1 for me. eva

Cameo 'the fanboy' said...

woah what good responses LOL
thanks all, and especially the owner of the blog who let me share this :) hope i did a good job.
apprently, i m now known as fanboy on TFS oops haha..

valebeu said...

freja is such a cutie, hotie, lovely, down to earth person...
always looking so chill/fresh
she really gr8 with the fans !
love her work!