Saturday, May 30, 2009

My Cowgirl Hero, Indeed

I actually really like this editorial. Even though I had my reservations in the last post, and even though Freja is still stuck playing the role of the androgynous tough girl, this is a really beautifully shot editorial. Solve Sundsbo has a talent for creating very striking images. I love his use of tonality and shading to create this very mysterious vibe, all while spotlighting the clothes that really do have a western cowgirl feel to them (except maybe for the Balmain dress). For a studio shoot, this editorial is completely engaging and far from boring, even though it is a bit cliche in terms of Freja's oeuvre.

My Cowgirl Hero
Vogue Nippon July 2009
Ph: Solve Sundsbo

I'd really like to see these images in color. Even though I love black and white photography, when it comes to fashion spreads I can't help but feel that an important dimension is taken away from the clothes when they're only shot in b&w. And I wish Solve had shot this on location somewhere. Perhaps the location where he shot this editorial would have also been apropos for this one, non? Anyway, this is definitely one of Freja's strongest editorials in a while, but I just hope it isn't the sole indicator of what we can expect to see from her work wise in the upcoming months. I'm just waiting for someone to give her the chance to show off her softer side once again. That being said, it is weird that my favorite image from the editorial is this one?

It's such a soft, quiet, introspective moment. Seemingly out of place when compared to the other images where Freja is posing strongly and glaring at the camera. Maybe that's why I love it. It's unexpected and simple, yet beautifully and precisely composed. I also love it because you can see five of her tattoos, some of which we've never seen clear images before. The dashed circle behind her ear, the inverted triangle on the back of her neck, the lightning bolt on her side, the phrase on her arm, and the "mine" part of the "this world tonight is mine" phrase tattooed on her wrist. For the longest time I just thought it said "this world tonight." And don't you just love how the triangle tattoo is echoed by the triangle on the strap of the Hermes vest? Intentional or not, that's just so beautiful.

Anyway, huge thanks to MAGstyle at tFS for taking the time to make these beautiful scans. If you're a member of tFS, remember to thank him and to thank all those that scan. It's a tough job and they're generous enough to do it.

Image Credits: Scanned by tFS member MAGstyle

Friday, May 29, 2009

Little by Little

Two more pictures have surfaced of Freja's editorial in Vogue Nippon. At this rate maybe we'll get to see the entire thing by the time the SS shows roll around? :) I wish my local bookstores carried Vogue Nippon because then I'd just scan the images myself, but no suck luck. Well, patience is a virtue as they say.

Anyway, from the images so far this editorial doesn't seem to be anything groundbreaking. Don't get me wrong, Freja looks great albeit a little too stern in the eyes for my tastes, but I just wanted to see her doing something else besides the androgynous, tough girl. (At this point I would even love to see Freja jumping against a studio backdrop in a Mario Testino photographed editorial because it would be something different for her.) We've seen this before in Vogue Nippon, and seeing her other Solve Sundsbo collaborations, I guess I was just expecting something very different and new. I'll hold my final judgment until we see the complete editorial, but I doubt the rest of the images will veer away from the mood and theme set by these. Work is work though and I guess we should just be happy for what we can get.

Image Credits: via tFS member Joerg C.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Courtesy of surrealseven @ tFS:

Looks interesting so far! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we get the rest of the images today!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Solve Sundsbo

Freja has an editorial in the new issue of Vogue Nippon shot by Solve Sundsbo. I'm excited to see this because Freja's past work with Solve has been outstanding. I believe she's only shot two editorials with him, but both have been full of beautiful images. No mundane studio shots here, as Solve likes to shot on location with an emphasis on colors against a more muted backdrop. You can see one of his editorials here. And while we're waiting for images from the new editorial, I thought I'd post the other one as well.

Harper's Bazaar March 2008
Ph: Solve Sundsbo

Just in case you're wondering, Solve is Norwegian but he has been living in London since 1995. He used be an assistant to Nick Knight, and he is known for a highly manipulated, technical style. He dabbles in things such as 3-D scanning and x-rays on the one side, and hand-painted retouching on the other. The new editorial he shot with Freja is titled My Cowgirl Hero, and I can only imagine what visual gems we'll get from that.

Image Credits: Scanned by Luxx @ tFS

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Three day weekends are wonderful, aren't they? I hope you take this time to....

Catch up on your sleep.

Hang out with your friends.

Go out dancing.

Get plenty to drink (I'm sure most of you will be going for stronger stuff.)

Peace out!

Image Credits: celebritycity, firstview, jdvision, myspace, sonnyphotos, style

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Danish Female Model of the Year

So I'm sure that by now you all know Freja won Best Female Model of the Year at the Dansk awards held on Wednesday. No surprise there. Even in an off year her body of work was more substantial than her competitors Agnete and Charlotte. Granted Freja's been on the modeling circuit longer than the two of them, but she's one of the top ten working models today so the odds were tough to beat. Freja's is also the most well-known model to come out of Denmark since Helena Christensen, and if she keeps on working I have a feeling they'll be giving this award to her next year, and the year after that, and the year after that.

She attended the awards looking beautiful, while staying true to her own style. There were elements of glamor--some makeup, heels, and new bag--but there were elements of Freja's everyday style as well. She wore tight, skinny black pants and layered tees under a black blazer. It's a uniform we've seen many times during fashion week, but the presence of the heels made all the difference.

Choosing to forgo her usual flat boots, Freja opted for Isabel Marant studded, heeled boots straight off the FW0910 runway. (Perhaps a take-away from walking the show?) She also left the Balenciaga bag at home in favor of the very popular black Alexander Wang hobo. Her sartorial choices may be simple, but they exude fashion, quality and quiet, relatable luxury.

That's what the best models do. They make all clothes look good no matter when or where they wear them. Yes, Freja could have gone a little more lux considering it was an awards gala. But I'm kind of glad she didn't because I always love seeing a woman who is completely at ease in her own style and sense of self.

On a last note, of course I have to mention Freja's hair. She's definitely growing it out now. Maybe my musings on commercialism actually have some substance? She already has the Gap campaign on her plate for this season. Maybe next we'll see her reprising her commercial role in an H&M campaign? If this happens, then you read it here first. :)

Image Credits:,, -- all courtesy of Candlebougie at tFS (thank you!) Other images:,

Interview in Danish Elle

Thanks to slow_hands over at tFS (and Google translate), we have this short interview Freja gave recently to Danish Elle. There isn't much in the way of new information, but that's to be expected in a piece like this. It's still a cute read and I've done my best to write it all out and clean up the mistakes left in by Google translate:
She kick started her career in 2005 at an exclusive show for Prada and has since been on the catwalk over 200 times for designers such as Christian Dior, Miu Miu and Louis Vuitton. Additionally, she has decorated the covers of Vogue, Numéro, and V – and now Danish ELLE. She has been a campaign model for Gucci, Balenciaga, Chanel and others, and Karl Lagerfeld is so thrilled with the Danish beauty, he also has appointed her as the campaign model for his own brand Lagerfeld Gallery. And once again hip brand Jaeger of London has her as their face this season. ELLE asked Freja...

I always try to eat healthy and varied. I eat lots of fruits and vegetables, supplemented with good, big man steaks!

That was in 2007 when I walked the Chanel Haute couture show at the Grand Palais in Paris. I wore a beautiful dress, and Cat Power played live.

Black tight jeans, a black top, a black jacket, high heels and a simple makeup.

A fragrance oil from Narciso Rodriguez.

Enjoy life!

Freja is the biggest model in Denmark right now, ranked number 11 in world ranking list of models on the site She is a fantastic model, but she is not classically beautiful. Rather, she has a very special and androgynous look - and some edge. And she's a very professional model and a pleasure to work with, says ELLES fashion editor, Sille Henning.

I believe the Danish Elle cover referenced in the interview is this one:

I only have this small picture, so if anyone has a bigger image I would be forever grateful if you let me know. This image came out during the height of the FW fashion month frenzy back in February so it was probably lost amidst all the fervor over new runway pictures.

Also, Congratulations to Freja who won the Dansk Award last night! I'll post later when more pictures hopefully surface.

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Marni Moments

I really love this set of backstage pictures so I had to post them. Marni also happens to be one of my favorite brands.

Isn't it kind of strange to see Freja with the newer girls, instead of her usual model crew? I kind of miss the Lily, Irina, Agyness days.

It's even more strange (to me at least) that Freja is six (!) years older than Jac, yet they look the same age. Maybe Jac even look a little bit older to me because her cheekbones are so sharp.

We always get a ton of backstage pictures after shows end, but I'm willing to bet they don't even begin to convey the craziness and chaos that constitutes the actual backstage. Thus is the nature of photography that the end result is merely a small moment, captured and frozen, separated from the greater whole. Anyway, the following two pictures remind me of this.

Just check out the sheer number of girls and looks that have to come together. All the meticulous design work during the months before the show culminates in a quick flurry of activity and 15 minutes on a catwalk. Craziness indeed.

ALSO! Don't forget about the Dansk Fashion Awards tomorrow (or today, depending on when you read this). On May 20th we find out if Freja can take home the award for Danish Female Model of the Year for the second consecutive year, or if she concedes the title to Agnete or Charlotte. Regardless of what happens, I hope Freja shows up and we get some candids!

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