Friday, September 4, 2009

Backstage at Fendi

If you have 50 minutes to spare and any real interest in how a fashion show is put together, you have to watch this documentary from the Sundance channel called "The Day Before Fendi."

It's very rare that we get such a detailed look at what goes into the preparations for a fashion show and what the backstage looks like on the day of. I found this documentary to be utterly enthralling and informative. I was awed, and even found myself nearly moved to tears at the passion, emotion and charm of the people who work in the atelier. Their dedication to and love of their work is admirable and something we should all be so lucky to find. And if it wasn't already evident before, it is completely evident now: women are the absolute backbone of the fashion industry, both as it's consumers but more importantly as it's producers. The Italian women in the video are simply amazing in their talents and yet they seem so humble. They represent everything that is good about the industry: loyalty, skill, craft, dedication.

Anyway, since this is a Freja blog here are the places where you can catch (very quick) glimpses of her. Seriously, blink and you'll miss it.

Part 5
1:46-2:00: Freja and Cat are in the background as they arrive for the show. Then Freja stops to get some food.
2:45: Freja is getting her makeup done.
8:15: She's greeting Karl.

Part 6
3:00: Freja is standing backstage, looking so calm amid all the chaos.
4:00: She's in the lineup of models doing the final walk.
4:36: She's backstage just after the show ends.

I mean it. If you have any interest in fashion at all beyond Freja, watch everything. You will not be sorry. Sundance will also be airing documentaries for Sonia Rykiel, JPG and Proenza Schouler. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that some kind soul will upload them to youtube, because if this Fendi doc is any indication, none of these should be missed!


Anonymous said...

i'm looking forward for Sonia Rykiel documentary though..
the Sonia Rykiel runaway is so much fun,, :D

Anonymous said...

Me too. Gonna give this Karl documentary a view as well. Looks inneresting. Thanks Rrose.

Anonymous said...

ahaha i was watching this too! i spotted Freja so easily. disappointed she didn't speak.

Anonymous said...

the sonia rykiel one had me teary eyed., it was so moving and funny at once. i won't give it away but there is a tribute show involved and Sonia has no idea.

Anonymous said...

I watched it. Really interesting. Those Ateliers were amazing. The women behind the 'throne' if you will. Karl admired them also and I thought that was sweet. Not much of Freja but all is forgiven since it was a great documentary.

Anonymous said...

I just recorded it the other day and will watch it when I get the chance.

btw, I saw 'Marc Jacobs & Louis Vuitton' on the Sundance Channel and I spotted her a few times.