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1. Spring, Adam + Eve Magazine, Blue Skies by Rocky De Silva

2. Dansk #8, Sub Surface by Andrea Sjödin

3. Dansk #8, Billion Dollar Babies by Sean McMenomy (Part 1, 2)

 4. June, Eurowoman #87, Kulørt by Sean McMenomy

5. August, Numero #65, Road Movie by Nathaniel Goldberg

 6. September, Self-Service #23, Everything is About Starting Again by Inez and Vinoodh (Part 1, 2)

7. September, Vogue Italia Supplement, The Classy Allure by Paolo Roversi

8. September, Vogue Paris, Mode, Mode, Mode by David Sims

9. September, Vogue UK, Quiet Storm by Mario Testino

10. September, W Magazine, Black Magic by Mert & Marcus

11. September, W Magazine, Mode De'll Arte by Bruce Weber

12. October, Cover Magazine, Dorian Gray by Henrik Bulow (Part 1, 2, 3)

13. October, W Magazine Jewelry Supplement, La Femme Nikita by Greg Kadel (Part 1, 2)

14. October, Vogue Paris, Miss Automate by Mario Testino

15. October, W Magazine, Xtra by Mario Sorrenti

16. October, Vogue UK, The Rhapsody by Javier Vallhonrat

17. November, Vogue Italia, Is It Better to be Alone? by Bruce Weber

18. December, W Magazine, Bewitched by Paolo Roversi

19. December, Eurowoman #93, 1 Døgn by Hasse Nielsen (Part 1, 2)

20. Unknown publication date, Adam + Eve Magazine, Cover Me by Jenz Stoltze

1. December/January, Interview Magazine, A Perfect Day at Eothen by Bruce Weber

2. December/January, Vogue Paris, Jean Generation by Patrick Demarchelier

3. January, Vogue China, China Sky by Mario Sorrenti

4. February, Numero #70, Asphalte by Nathaniel Goldberg

5. March, Harper's Bazaar, Baroque Rock by Mario Sorrenti

6. March, Vogue UK, Colour Guard by Mario Testino (Part 1, 2)

7. March, Vogue Paris, Pretty Dandy by David Sims

8. Spring/Summer, Pop Magazine #12, Hey Lazy by Mikael Jansson

9. May, Vogue UK, Couture Stripped by Javier Vallhonrat

10. May/June, V Magazine #41, Beauty Will Save The World by Paolo Roversi

11. May/June, V Magazine #41, Some Like It Hot by Mario Testino

12. June, Harper's Bazaar, First Look of the New Season by Alasdair McLellan (Part 1, 2)

13. June, Vogue Italia, Here Comes the Sun by Nathaniel Goldberg (Part 1, 2)

14. July, W Magazine, Relax by Michael Thompson

15. August, Numero #75, Noir de Paris by Greg Kadel

16. September, Cover Magazine, Mode by Unknown

17. September, Eurowoman #101, Før Nu Altid by Hasse Nielsen

18. September, Harper's Bazaar, Cutting Edge Cool by Camilla Akrans

19. September, New York Times Style T Magazine, Paris is Smoking by Paolo Roversi

20. September, Telegraph Fashion, Costume Drama by Tesh

21. September, Vogue Italia, All That Mix by Mario Sorrenti

22. September, Vogue Paris, A La Ligne by Craig McDean

23. September, V Magazine #43, The Alphabulous by Inez and Vinoodh

24. October, W Magazine, Czech Mate by Michael Thompson (Part 1, 2)

25. November, Harper's Bazaar, What's New by Anthony Ward

26. November, Vogue UK, Second Nature by Corrine Day

27. November, W Magazine, Eden by Richard Tuttle & Mario Sorrenti (Part 1, 2)

1. February, Vogue Italia, All That Shine by Paolo Roversi

2. February, Vogue Paris, Au Futur by Mario Testino

3. March, Vogue Paris, Soleil de Minuit by Inez and Vinoodh (Part 1, 2)

4. March, Vogue UK, Pop Hit by Nick Knight

5. March, Numero #81, Autoportraits, la Couture by Karl Lagerfeld

6. March, Harper's Bazaar US, Key Pieces in Black & White by Karl Lagerfeld

7. March, Harper's Bazaar US, Bazaar + Klein by William Klein

8. March, Costume, Freja på farten by Henrik Bulow

9. April, V Magazine #46, Sex in the Shadows by Mario Sorrenti

10. April, V Magazine #46, V Girls by Andreas Sjodin

11. April, Vogue Brazil, Pop Hit (reprint) by Nick Knight

12. May, Harper's Bazaar Russia, Key Piece in Black & White (reprint) by Karl Lagerfeld

13. Summer, Dansk #14, Kaizerlich by Andreas Sjodin

14. Summer, Dansk #14, Respect by Andreas Sjodin

15. Fall, H&M Magazine, A Rome With a View by Anthony Ward

16. September, V Magazine #49, Do You Party? by Irina Lazareanu (Part 1, 2)

17. November, Harper's Bazaar US, Fashion Through the Ages by Mario Sorrenti

18. November, Vogue Italia, A Woman of Singular Charm by Paolo Roversi (Part 1, 2)

1. March, Vogue Nippon, The Art of Melancholy by Sølve Sundsbø

2. March, Harper's Bazaar US, Brights by Sølve Sundsbø

3. March, V Magazine #52, Rock Steady by Mario Sorrenti

4. April, Vogue Paris Supplement, Top Models by Scott Shuman

5. April, Vogue Italia Supplement, Individuallure by Paolo Roversi (Part 1, 2)

6. April, Vogue UK, About A Boy by Nick Knight

7. April, Vogue UK, A Stroke of Genius by Paolo Roversi

8. June, V Magazine #53, IMG Powerhouse by Mario Sorrenti

9. June, Vogue China, A Stroke of Genius (reprint) by Paolo Roversi

10. August, Vogue UK, Before the Fall by Emma Summerton (Part 1, 2)

11. August, Vogue UK, Models' Ink by Nick Knight

12. September, Harper's Bazaar US, What's Next by Glen Luchford

13. September, Interview, A is for Androgyny by Mikael Jansson

14. September, Numero Korea, Wild Bird by Dusan Reljin (Part 1, 2)

15. Fall, Another Magazine, Untitled by Yelena Yemchuk (Part 1, 2)

16. Fall, Pop, Bright Lights, Big City by Alasdair McLellan

17. Fall, Self-Service, Untitled by Inez and Vinoodh

18. October, Vogue Italia, A Charming Blend by Glen Luchford

19. October, Vogue Mexico, Before the Fall (reprint) by Emma Summerton

1. January, Vogue Nippon, Rise of the Cyber Patrol by Nathaniel Goldberg

2. January, Vogue Italia, Individuallure by Glen Luchford

3. February, Harper's Bazaar US, Hits of the Season by Greg Kadel

4. February, i-D Magazine, Clean Living by Collier Schorr

5. March, Numero #101, Couture by Karl Lagerfeld

6. March, Vogue Korea,  Supernatural by Jason Kibbler

7. April, Madame Figaro Tokyo, Untitled by Ben Watts

8. Spring, V Magazine #58, Pride and Glory by Jean-Francois Campos

9. July, Vogue Nippon, My Cowgirl Hero by Sølve Sundsbø

10. August, Vogue UK, Milan by Patrick Demarchelier

11. Fall, V Magazine #61, Live From New York by Mario Sorrenti

12. Fall, Purple Magazine, Purple Best of the Season by Terry Richardson (Part 1, 2)

13. September, Vogue UK, Enter The Dinner Dress by Javier Vallhonrat

14. September, Vogue Russia, I Remember by Willy Vanderperre

15. October, Vogue Germany, Asta Nielsen by Karl Lagerfeld (Part 1, 2)

16. October Vogue Germany, Monokel Diele by Karl Lagerfeld (Part 1, 2)

17. October, W Magazine, Art and Commerce by Inez and Vinoodh

18. October, Numero #107, Too Cool for School by Josh Olins

19. November, Harper's Bazaar US, What's Glam Now by Karl Lagerfeld

20. Winter, Twin Magazine, Stand and Deliver by Boo George (Part 1, 2)

21. December, Vogue Italia, Feeling... by Steven Meisel

1. January, Interview, Tomas Maier by Craig McDean

2. January, Vogue Italia, Runway by Steven Meisel

3. February, Vogue Paris, Vogue-A-Porter by Inez and Vinoodh

4. Spring, Purple Magazine, Purple Naked by Inez and Vinoodh

5. Spring, Numero Homme #19, Predateurs by Karl Lagerfeld

6. March, Vogue Nippon, Generation Dreamers by Terry Richardson

7. March, Vogue UK, Cyber Tribe by Josh Olins

8. March, Vogue China, Karl's China Fantasy by Karl Lagerfeld

9. March, Vogue US, Love at First Sight by Steven Meisel

10. March, W Magazine, Chic Mystique by Mario Sorrenti

11. March, Vogue Italia, In Grande Stile by Steven Meisel

12. April, SPUR Magazine, Freja Beha Erichsen by Unknown

13. April, Vogue UK, Urban Renewal by Patrick Demarchelier

14. April, Vogue Germany, Tango by Karl Lagerfeld

15. April, W Magazine, New York, New York 10021 by Inez and Vinoodh

16. April, Vogue Italia, Shrink to Fit by Steven Meisel (Part 1, 2)

17. April, Interview Magazine, Tough Ballerina by Craig McDean

18. Spring, i-D Magazine, Freja Beha, The Rock'n'Roll Star by Emma Summerton

19. May, Vogue Mexico, Vogue-A-Porter (reprint) by Inez and Vinoodh

20. June, W Magazine, Best in Show by Craig McDean

21. June/July, Vogue Paris, Collection Privee by Terry Richardson (Part 1, 2)

22. August, Vogue Nippon, The Untold Crime by Terry Richardson (Part 1, 2)

23. August, Vogue UK, Colour Shock by Josh Olins

24. August, Vogue Paris, Winter Before Winter by David Sims

25. August, Interview Magazine, Modern Love by Craig McDean

26. August, Vogue Mexico, Love at First Sight (reprint) by Steven Meisel

27. September, Vogue Portugal, The Untold Crime (reprint) by Terry Richardson

28. September, Vogue Korea, Poetics of Body by Rafael Stahelin

29. September, Vogue Paris, Neo Belphegor by Mikael Jansson (Part 1, 2)

30. September, V Magazine #67, Uptown and Downtown by Mario Testino

31. Fall/Winter, Dossier #6, Cinnamon Girl by Cass Bird

32. Fall, The Last Magazine #5, Freja and Anja by Maciek Kobielski

33. Fall, Saks Fifth Avenue, Women's Contemporary Catalog

34. October, Vogue Paris, Bal Masque by Mert Alas & Marcus Piggot

35. October, Vogue Paris, Think Punk by Mario Sorrenti

36. October, Rolling Stone, The Hot List - Hot Style by Theo Wenner (Outtakes)

37. November, Vogue Paris, Temps Libre by Hedi Slimane (Part 1, 2)

38. November, Vogue Paris, La Geisha by Terry Richardson

39. November, Vogue Mexico, Colour Shock (reprint) by Josh Olins

40. November, Vogue Italia, Venus in Furs by Steven Meisel

41. December, Vogue UK, Star Girls by Mario Testino

42. Winter, VMan #20, Patti + Robert by Christian Brylle

43. Holiday, New York Times T Style, Moonstruck by Alice O'Malley

44. Pirelli Calendar, Mythology by Karl Lagerfeld

45. Elle UK, The Model Power List

1. January, Vogue Italia, The Power of Glamour by Steven Meisel

2. February, Vogue UK, Look Forward by Patrick Demarchelier

3. February, Vogue UK, Brave Heart by Patrick Demarchelier

4. February, Vogue Paris, En Vogue l’Été 2011 by Mario Sorrenti

5. Spring/Summer, Love Magazine, Life as Theatre by Boo George

6. March, Vogue US, Punk'D by David Sims

7. March, Numero #121, Bal de la Couture by Karl Lagerfeld

8. March, W Magazine, The Change Agent by Steven Meisel

9. March, Vogue Mexico, Look Forward (reprint) by Patrick Demarchelier

10. March, Vogue India, Look Forward (reprint) by Patrick Demarchelier

11. May, Vogue UK, True Romance by Mario Testino

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