Saturday, September 26, 2009

Dressing the Part

We've seen lots of candid shots of Freja in her own street style this season. She has basic yet impeccable taste in her choice of off-duty garb. And one thing's for sure, when Freja finds something that works for her and that she likes, she sticks to it! Case in point:

Notice the monochromatic color palette consisting mostly of black? She rarely strays away from a few basic pieces, and I think this is due to two things. First, she's always had an easy, casual, no-fuss style going back to the beginning of her career. Yes, her appearance has changed somewhat, but if you look at the basic premise of her street style it's essentially the same. She doesn't clamor over the latest in designer wear and trends, but she's not sloppy or unkempt either. Her style approach is similar to her modeling approach in that it's organic and doesn't feel contrived. Second, I would imagine Freja has to pack pretty lightly given that she's traveling in between four cities around the world within the span of 30 days. Circumstances like this don't warrant one packing an outfit for everyday of the week.

I'm such a sucker for street style...especially model street style. Models look good in anything and I can't figure out if it's because of their body proportions, or because they've picked up good styling tips from being on the job. It's probably a combination of both. Anyway, I have to admit that Freja's isn't my absolute favorite model style, but I do like it and I think she dresses well and dresses to match her personality. Her style is very real and you get the sense that she would dress like this even if she weren't a model. However, lest you be fooled, looking so casual and effortless doesn't come without a price. I'll break it down for you from head to toe:

T by Alexander Wang, $80 each at

Rick Owens Leather Draped Jacket, $2,605 at (yes, I know Freja's isn't an actual RO, but it's very Rick Owens-esque)

Acne Kex Smooth Skinny Jeans in Black, $250 at

Alexander Wang Black Donna Hobo, $790 but sold out everywhere

Dior Homme Sneakers, $904 at

Total Cost: $4,719

What's great about Freja's style is that it's simple but luxurious at the same time. Speaking from experience, those Alexander Wang tees are some of the softest things you can put against your skin. And Acne jeans do really fit perfectly. However, don't let these prices get you down. Another plus about Freja's style is that you can emulate it at a much lower price point. It's simultaneously unattainable and accessible; fitting for a girl who's both feminine and androgynous, high fashion and mass market, hard-working and aloof. The more I write about Freja the more I begin to see that she's entirely comprised of a bunch of interesting contradictions.

Anyway, just in case anyone wants to do some saturday shopping:

Perfect Tees, $12.50 on sale for $10 at

Black Leather Draped Jacket, $263 at

Levi's Skinny Jeans, $35 at

Dylan Small Messenger Bag, $348 on sale for $208 at

Diesel Sneakers, $90 at

Total Cost: $606

Much better, right? Although I'd still kill for that A Wang bag and RO jacket... :)

Image Credits:,, facebook/luisaviaroma, zimbio, bwchic.wordpress, altamira,blogspot,


Cam said...

love Alexander Wang bag and Dior Sneakers!! T and skinny jeans look extremely good probably only because its Freja who’s wearing them... ?

Federica said...

ohhh freja looks so cool with skinny jeans and leather jacket!!!!!
do u know what brand are the biker boots she usually wear?:)

Rrose Sélavy said...

^Sorry, I don't know. I haven't seen a close up pic of them so I can't id them. They could be Frye as other models wear Frye boots as well.

Anonymous said...

I like freja's style, She looks so hot, I mean I am a straight girl.......... but seeing her makes me wanna go all over her lol. Love your blog by the way, I think It's even better than the official web.

Anonymous said...

Can any one tell me who makes the jacket if not RO. I like Freja's longer version!