Monday, September 28, 2009

Milan Recap

The shows just keep coming at a breakneck pace that I can hardly keep up with them all...not that I'm complaining. Milan isn't finished yet, but Freja has finished with Milan and is off to Paris most likely as we speak. With three cities down and only one to go, fashion month has flown by. Here is the breakdown of Freja's showing in Milan to help you keep track of it all.

Milan Fashion Week SS10 - 9 Shows Total
0 Opening Slots
1 Closing Slot

Emilio Pucci - 2 Looks
Etro - 2 Looks
Fendi - 2 Looks
Gucci (O) - 3 Looks
Marni - 3 Looks
Max Mara - 2 Looks
Prada - 2 Looks
Roberto Cavalli - 2 Looks
Versace - 2 Looks

Freja announced her arrival in Milan by walking the Prada show on the second day. I was happy to see her there, as Prada casting this year was especially unpredictable. Gone were perennial favs like Sasha and Marina. In their place we had Lindsey Wixson (no comment) and a slew of other new girls like Bregje Heinen, Lisanne de Jong, and Keke Lindgard.

On friday we saw Freja walk in the Versace show once again after being absent from it the past two seasons. She doesn't immediately seem like the stereotypical Versace woman, but Freja actually fits the show's aesthetic quite nicely. It must be those legs that go on for days. And like I've said before, she glams up quite well.

Saturday was by far the busiest day for Freja this fashion season. She started the day off surprisingly by walking Max Mara, a show she hasn't done since the beginning of her career, and only once at that. Then she walked down Roberto Cavalli's catwalk as expected. As one of the current Gucci campaign girls, she of course walked the show and closed it in style. Freja then ended the day with two looks at Emilio Pucci. Just take a look below at the transformation she goes through from show to show. It's quite amazing that it all happens within the span of a few hours.

Sunday was another busy (and early) day. I think we all love seeing sleepy Freja pictures from Marni, so maybe we'll get some more this season as Freja had three looks in the show. She then went on to walk for Karl at Fendi. I'm so glad their relationship remains strong and dependable. Freja's last show in Milan was at Etro, a show that she's walked on and off during her career.

Overall a very strong showing in the city I consider the hardest to walk as a model. Castings are selective and unpredictable, but generally unforgiving if you're not white and you don't have a lot of buzz surrounding you. We're off to Paris now, but I don't think we'll see Freja until Thursday at Balenciaga. Then, hopefully all the usuals like Balmain, Chanel, Dries, Chloe, Miu Miu, etc.

If I really had my way though, we'd see her walk Ann Demeulemeester and Givenchy. What about you?

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Federica said...

yeahhh!!!she's so ann demeulemeester and givenchy!!!she must walk there!!:)
i think she's the best model who embodies perfectly these2styles.

Anonymous said...

is it just me or freja gets work more with a fringe hairstyle??