Saturday, August 29, 2009

Stuck at 9 updated their Top 50 Rankings on Thursday. Freja is tied at number 9 with Eniko. Catherine, MCB, Coco, Anna J, Stam, Agyness, Lily, Anja, Lara, Sasha, Poly, and Raquel round out the rest of the top girls. Freja has been stuck at this position for a while now. I thought she'd move up considering the fabulous campaign season she's been having, but I guess magazine covers count for more than I thought. And Freja hasn't had a major one in a while now.

Yes, she's on the cover of Purple, but when was the last time we saw her face grace the cover of one of the four major Vogues? Maybe Vogue UK will hear my cries. They actually give her consistent editorial work and they don't shy away from putting models on their covers. Come on Alexandra Shulman!

Anyway, show cards are coming out now. If you haven't seen Supreme's excellent package, check it out here. I'm living for Karolin at the moment, and I'm totally impressed by Hanne's card. IMG's will probably come out this upcoming week, but they usually use editorial outtakes for their cards. Nothing too exciting. At least it reminds us that fashion month is just around the corner!

For your time, Karo and Hanne emoting in various states of undress:

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Anonymous said...

yaay,, can't wait for IMG showcard and also fashion week...

Anonymous said...

MCD is so inaccurate and wonked it's not funny.Cat hasn't done a thing to warrant #8, MCB and Laura Hollins as well. i wouldn't be too concerned about it.