Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fashionably Late

So as I was watching the Pucci runway video from this season, I noticed something kind of strange. Freja was late in coming out for both of her looks, and during the final walk she was looking down at her feet (look 1 at 1:00, look 2 at 5:20 and final walk at 8:30). This was strange to me because she's usually so consistent and steadfast on the runway. She hasn't fallen yet (fingers crossed, knock on wood) and the only times I can remember her breaking stride were during the Miu Miu FW0809 show and the Chanel FW0708 show when she had little trips.

I guess I'm just curious as to what was happening backstage during the show. Were the outfit changes too close? If you watch the whole video you'll notice the pacing of the entire show was off and many other girls were late in coming out. There were a lot of long pauses and you can see the audience looking restless and confused.

Maybe the venue is to blame? I know the runway path there isn't just a straight walk, contrary to what the video would have you believe. I'm pretty sure the girls come out in another room and pose for photographers, then make a few turns before entering the runway we see above. Or maybe it was the shoes? Although they don't look particularly difficult to walk in, but looks can be deceiving.

I know I'm being a little nit-picky, but I just hope this doesn't affect Freja's Pucci booking next season. She still looked amazing at the show. I think we all know that no one else can pull off a mini-dress the way Freja and her mile long legs can.

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Anonymous said...

That was an exceptionally long wait for look 2, but love how demure and controlled Freja's walk is.
Love Lily and Natasha too though, what a wonky show.


Anonymous said...

i like that Freja is one of the few top models who hasn't toppled over on the catwalk.

lol i hope I didn't jinx her.

Megan said...

What a strange show for Freja indeed. But what a very unorganized show as well! I don't follow Freja very closely, but isn't she getting awfully skinny. Her legs are sticks! Snejana used to be the skinniest of them all, but Freja is getting up there..
Her walk was also the slowest out of all the models in this show. What a disappointment.

Anonymous said...

i agree that her lateness but might be due in part to her slow walk. which i kind of like.
but carmen kass in the silver hot pants has def got the best strut!

Anonymous said...

it looked like shed had some problems with the shoes. they looked so high and delicate. and her legs were strangely too far apart. i dont like how she walked in this.