Saturday, August 29, 2009

Stuck at 9 updated their Top 50 Rankings on Thursday. Freja is tied at number 9 with Eniko. Catherine, MCB, Coco, Anna J, Stam, Agyness, Lily, Anja, Lara, Sasha, Poly, and Raquel round out the rest of the top girls. Freja has been stuck at this position for a while now. I thought she'd move up considering the fabulous campaign season she's been having, but I guess magazine covers count for more than I thought. And Freja hasn't had a major one in a while now.

Yes, she's on the cover of Purple, but when was the last time we saw her face grace the cover of one of the four major Vogues? Maybe Vogue UK will hear my cries. They actually give her consistent editorial work and they don't shy away from putting models on their covers. Come on Alexandra Shulman!

Anyway, show cards are coming out now. If you haven't seen Supreme's excellent package, check it out here. I'm living for Karolin at the moment, and I'm totally impressed by Hanne's card. IMG's will probably come out this upcoming week, but they usually use editorial outtakes for their cards. Nothing too exciting. At least it reminds us that fashion month is just around the corner!

For your time, Karo and Hanne emoting in various states of undress:

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Friday, August 28, 2009

September Stats

Freja has quite a showing in the various September issues. In case you didn't know, magazines' September issues are arguably the most important ones out of the whole year. The months of summer slump end, fall fashions come out in full force, and new ads are debuted. With another set of runway shows during the same month, September is the time to gear up, get serious and start making money. It's the fashion industry's version of going back to school.

With all of this in mind, I think the models who have a strong showing in September magazines have a leg up on their peers because they are fresh in casting directors' minds. You can probably count on these girls to have a successful (either in show quantity or show quality, depending on the status of the girl) runway season and a slight head start on castings for the next campaign season. (For example, Anna Selezneva was a virtual unknown before she landed on last year's Vogue Paris September cover and now she's ranked 14th on the list.) It's always good to have your face everywhere right now, and Freja's had her best September yet. Let's count it up.

In addition to seeing her in the ads for Gap, Pollini, J Brand Jeans, Gucci and Chanel, Freja can also be seen in:

Editorial for Vogue UK September 2009 Issue
Editorial for Vogue Russia September 2009 Issue
Editorial for V Magazine September 2009 Issue
Cover of and editorial for Purple Magazine F/W2009 Issue

A great mix like this of the big name and cult magazines guarantees maximum exposure to all parts of the fashion market. It's quite amazing. I don't think we've seen Freja work this much since the start of her career! I just hope this level and caliber of work continues!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Show us How it's done Jane

Freja's new editorial in V Magazine is such a breath of fresh air. If you're tired of jumping editorials shot in the studio against a gray background, this is your antidote. The antithesis of any editorial you will find in US Vogue. Full of creativity, fun, whimsy, and spontaneity thanks in large part to the work of stylist Jane How (pictured above).

Sorrenti is a great photographer in his own right, but I really think the clothes make this editorial and we have Jane's ingenuity to thank for that. She frequently styles runway shows for Maison Martin Margiela (she was responsible for the infamous collection shown on life-sized marionettes operated by actual puppeteers.) In addition to working for Margiela, Jane has acted as creative director for Hussein Chalayan, another avantgarde designer who relies more on artistic sensibility rather than commercialism when designing his clothes. One of her earliest jobs was styling for i-D Magazine so you can see a common thread in that Jane aligns herself with the cutting edge of fashion. She works on this edge, right where fashion begins to intersect with art and her stylistic approach absolutely reflects this. She has a flair for the dramatic and isn't afraid to be innovative, pulling looks from less well-known designers.

The outfits she pulls are quite simple and straight forward, but her ability to combine pieces is what makes this editorial so memorable. She has used all the right looks from the right designers in order to evoke a sense of awe and wonder, comparable to the awe and wonder you feel when standing in the middle of New York's Times Square. However, the clothes and accessories are perfectly edited with Jane's great eye so you don't feel completely overwhelmed. And they hold their own against the strong city landscape, resulting in a nice dialogue. The architecture of the buildings and the clothes play off of each other, enhancing each other in the process. The whole thing is quite subversive and that's why I think it's so brilliant.

It is always interesting to see how runway looks are interpreted by stylists in the pages of magazines. I have a particularly hard time envisioning how an outfit will look off the runway, which is why I love editorials set in the streets so much. I know they're not exactly good representations of reality, but they give my imagination fodder and I can begin to see the versatility, wearability and transformative power of the designs. Take a look at the editorial versus the runway and I think you'll appreciate the beauty of the editorial and Jane's styling even more.

After looking at these runway looks, I really wish this editorial had been in color. The contrast between the glamor of the clothing and grittiness of the city would have been more apparent and stark. But maybe this was intentional? The b&w photography and shallow depth of field blends all the elements of the photographs together. As a result, you really have to look to see everything because the distinctions between background, foreground, models and buildings almost become obsolete. And for a shoot like this, you definitely need veteran models at the top of their game. Newer girls would have been engulfed by the clothes, setting and shooting style. But Freja and Sasha are two of the strongest models, both in personality and look.

There is so much more to say about this editorial, but I think I've said enough. Overall, I really think everyone delivered on all aspects, and I haven't been this excited to see something in print in a long time.

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

V in NY

(Edited to add HQs)

Live From New York
V Magazine September 2009
Ph: Mario Sorrenti

Well, we finally know what these candid shots were for....a new V Magazine editorial co-starring Sasha, shot by Mario Sorrenti! I just think it's refreshing to see a new take on shooting in the streets. I'm a sucker for unique perspectives and city shooting. And I'm happy to see Freja back in the pages of V and working with Sorrenti again.

Early on in Freja's career you couldn't flip through V without seeing her. Most notably, she had that amazing cover with Daria and Gemma and this sexy editorial also shot by Sorrenti. Nice to see some things returning to fine form. She's been working with such awesome photographers lately. Terry for Purple Magazine, Willy for Vogue Russia and now Mario. I really like it when she's paired with edgier, riskier photographers instead of the more conventional ones. The resulting work is way better and I think it pushes Freja to her modeling boundaries.

ETA: Too bad these shots aren't in color. That would have been something to see. The last two shots are my favorite. I love how the lines of Freja's and Sasha's bodies compliment the lines of the city landscape. And everything about the last shot is arresting and completely captivating. Notice the Ed Hardy Energy Drink cans on Freja's head a la the FW0910 Alexander McQueen show? Brilliant! Especially when you see it paired with the FW0910 Balenciaga look and it's reliance on drapery. I could go on, but I think I'll do another post after I have some more time to digest and analyze. :)

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tattoo Update

I've been wanting to update and add to this old tattoo post I did a few months ago. Since then, Freja's received some more ink, and I've come across better pictures of her existing tattoos. I'll probably have to do another one of these posts in a few months time, as tattoos have a tendency to pop up unexpectedly on Freja. But that's part of the reason I love her as a model. She's not afraid to assert her individuality in an industry that would rather have her as a blank slate.

1. "Float" located on the left side of her neck

2. Upside down Triangle on the back of her neck (outlined first, filled in later)

3. Circle done with dashed-lines behind her right ear

4. Cross on her right earlobe

5. "Serendipity is Life" on the back of her upper right arm

6. Colt Revolver on the inside of her upper left arm

7. "This Too Shall Pass" on the inside of her upper right arm

8. "This World Tonight is Mine" on her right wrist

9. "Redemption" on her upper left forearm

10. Three circles on her left wrist (outlined first, filled in later)

11. Star on her upper left torso (outlined first, filled in later)

12. "M" on her upper right torso

13. Lightening Bolt on her upper right torso (to cover up the "M")

14. Lines on her left middle finger

15. Graphic design on her lower stomach (no picture available)

If you're keeping track, Freja currently has 14 tattoos (that we know of) and she's been inked 18 times. Perhaps these numbers will be going up come September? Keep those eyes peeled.

Image Credits: celebritycity,, fashion_shows,,,, scan by Diciassette (17) @ tFS, seocoracaopensasse.blogspot