Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Beautiful Pictures, Part II

I did this post a while ago about the beautiful pictures I found on Corbis taken by French photographer Delphine Achard. Well, it turns I made a small mistake. Delphine isn't a photographer for Corbis at all. In fact, she photographs for WWD and Vogue Paris! No wonder her pictures are so wonderful. If you work for illustrious publications like those, you have to be pretty good.

Anyway, Delphine was kind enough to send me a link to her new website where you can find more of her beautiful pictures: www.delphineachard.com Let me make this clear, she did not ask me to post the link here. I wanted to share it because I think you'll really enjoy her pictures. She has ones of all your favorite models: Anja, Anna J, Cat, Edita, Isabeli, Natasha, Snejana and more. There's only picture of Freja and it's one I've posted before, but here it is without the watermark.

There's a certain atmospheric quality about Delphine's backstage pictures that make them stand out for me. She really makes all the models look even more beautiful than they usually do. After you look at enough backstage pictures and candids, you can really begin to tell when a photographer understands and appreciates natural beauty because she lets it shine through in her work. If we're lucky, maybe Delphine will be shooting backstage again this fashion season. And if so, hopefully we'll get another batch of beautiful Freja pictures. Thanks Delphine!

Image Credits: delphineachard.com

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link. The entire website is full of beautiful pictures.