Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fashionable Early

Freja has already showed up in Paris! I thought we wouldn't see her until Balenciaga tomorrow morning, but she decided to start early by walking the Gareth Pugh show today. Pugh is one of the most talked about young designers and protege of Rick Owen's wife, Michele Lamy. So I guess this runway appearance isn't completely surprising considering that a) Freja walked the Rick Owens show last season, b) she's in high demand this season and c) Gareth was exploring androgyny for this collection.

I'm so excited now that the Paris shows have started. There are good shows to look forward to every single day so this next week is going to fly by. It will also be interesting to see what happens casting wise. Rumor has it some of the bigger name girls who have been absent thus far will return to walk the Parisian catwalks. So where does this leave all the newer models and the models like Freja? And will Paris debut some new girls heretofore unseen?

The model enthusiast in me can't wait for all the drama to unfold.

Image Credits: via tFS member Nils


Anonymous said...

I'm also expecting that her first show would be Balenciaga, but it's a nice surprise that she showed up at Gareth Pugh, hmm, maybe because her new constant companion backstage is also there :). About the other big models turning up, well, I don't think we have to worry about Freja, she's a major model herself who consistently walks the biggest shows,also it seems that Freja's trying to add more shows to her already stellar runway portfolio, she's walked a lot of shows she's never done before this season.

Anonymous said...

I love the 2nd picture at Burberry. If it's not Freja or Daria I don't know who these ladies are :) Whoever is with Feja in that pic, she's cute. Nice to see Freja mixing it up. Looks like she's totally moved on from Irina :)