Thursday, October 1, 2009


I normally don't update after every show Freja walks in because it would get very repetitive since most of you are already glued to tFS. However, I just had to make an exception today in honor of Daria returning to the runway! In probably the best surprise of the season, Daria walked in the Balmain show held earlier today, opening and closing it. Too bad this will be her only show of the season.

Freja also walked the show of course, in addition to walking Balenciaga early this morning. Daria is only second to Freja in my book, so I'm thrilled they're on the same runway together again. The last time this happened was the Versace FW0809 show nearly 2 years ago. I just love it when my favorites walk the same shows because it makes things that much more memorable. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we get some good backstage pictures. Paris is shaping up to be a dream so far, isn't it?

How amazing does she look?! When I see someone like Daria on the runway, all the newer girls suddenly become inadequate and completely pale in comparison.

Image Credits: via tFS member Nils,


Anonymous said...

i was ecstatic to see Daria as well.the OG showing it how it's done. Freja looked so good in her second outfit.
have freja and Daria ever worked together? aside of the Cavalli ad i don't remember.

Rrose Sélavy said...

They had a V magazine cover together. :)

Anonymous said...

Yay for Daria and of course Freja. Daria looked stunning.