Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Looking for beautiful pictures?

Corbis is the site to go to in order to find the most beautiful backstage photos. Case in point:

The first three are backstage at Burberry and the last one is backstage at Balmain. They're all taken by the photographer Delphine Achard. Whoever she is, I think she's wonderfully talented and adept at capturing natural, intimate beauty and I think she has a Freja fixation as evidenced from the singular focus of the pictures above. :) I can't quite put my finger on what makes her backstage beauty pictures different, but they just don't look like all the other ones on other sites. There is something so alluring in the simplicity, perspective and lighting of these shots. I really hope Corbis puts up more backstage photos because you know they will be as wonderful as these are. And the world can always, always, use more Freja beauty pics.

Yes, I know this isn't Freja but I wanted to sneak in another breathtakingly beautiful photo taken by Delphine, of my other favorite model Karmen Pedaru.

Image Credits: corbis.com

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