Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Meisel's Runway

Thanks to the hard work of tFS member Diciassette (17), we now have complete scans of the mega 80 page Vogue Italia editorial. If you want to see the whole thing, it's broken up into six parts: 1 2 3 4 5 6. For the sake of brevity and staying true to the topic on hand, below is just Freja's contribution.

Vogue Italia January 2010
Ph: Steven Meisel

Leave it to Meisel to push boundaries and get people talking. After all these years, he has still maintained his edge, freshness and knack for innovation. It's an amazing feat that demands respect regardless of whether or not you like his work. We also have to give huge credit to Franca Sozzani for consistently providing a place where Meisel is free to indulge his creative whims.

I think I'm a little overwhelmed at the sheer enormity of the editorial because I don't really know what to say. So many models, so many looks, so many great moments captured...or rather, constructed. I love the black and white backstage shot of Freja being assaulted by hair and makeup because it's so realistic. It would have fit right in with this old post I did about actual backstage moments from past fashion weeks. I also love the last two shots that show us all the people who worked on this editorial. Meisel blurred the line between reality and fantasy by constructing backstage situations that usually depend on spontaneity, but he brought us all definitively back down to earth by showing us his real staff behind the scenes.

As for Freja, I'm delightfully surprised at how much she's featured here. She looks she usually looks backstage. But that's good because it's what we should expect from an editorial called "Runway" where the models are essentially playing themselves. You even have her requisite smoking picture, but sadly no middle fingers. Nothing too special, yet very special at the same time because it's Meisel we're talking about. This isn't like the last editorial where she took her own picture. He's actually working with Freja now. And like all of you are thinking, and like I've said before, I hope he photographs her for an ad campaign or solo edit so that we can see what magic he'll really draw out from her.

Even if this doesn't happen, I hope they at least continue to work together for these huge, multi-girl editorials because it's something new and different for Freja. (As much as I'm grateful for all the work he gives her, there's no Karl in sight!) For this to happen at this stage in her career is pretty amazing and can only increase her fashion currency even more. And frankly, it's the thing I've been hoping for--the thing that might possibly reignite that feeling of excitement that I lost towards the latter half of last year. So even if Freja kind of gets lost in the model shuffle, at least she'll be a part of the relevant conversation.

Image Credits: Scans by tFS member Diciassette (17)


Anonymous said...

WOW we're on a Karl-free stretch.
i'm not entirely convinced Meisel and freja mended whatever rift (if there ever was one)they had until some solo work is done.

Laurianne said...

First of all, thank you very much for your job. Posting every pictures is a looong task so thank you for that.

Concerning this ed, I'm glad Freja's in it, and this time she has been shooted by Meisel himself, it's improving. And like everyone I can't wait to see if they will work together again, and if he will shoot her and only her for once.
But about the editorial itself, I'm not fond of it.
I greet the risk Meisel has took shooting this kind of ed but I'm not a big fan. That's right he has captured some great and intimate moments, but not more than what we can see during FW take by unknown photographers.
I like the concept, but don't really like how it is constructed.