Monday, June 15, 2009

Self Service

As requested, here are HQs of Freja's editorial in the Fall/Winter 2008 issue of Self Service magazine. It was shot by Inez and Vinoodh and also features Anja Rubik, Catherine McNeil, Eniko Mihalik, and Lara Stone. For the most part, all the girls were shot separately so I'm only posting the ones with Freja.

Self Service #29 Fall/Winter 2008
Ph: Inez and Vinoodh

I also just want to say thank you to the readers and commentators out there. I really appreciate your feedback, tips, recommendations and general enthusiasm. I started this blog for myself basically as an outlet for all this energy and admiration I had for Freja and fashion in general. I never thought anyone would actually care to read my endless ramblings, so thank you so much.


Florenz said...

Fantastic! The one with Cat is my favorite. =]

Anonymous said...

Wow! that was fast, thank you so much. I was surprised when I saw that it was already up. You're just awesome. Anyway, I still find it a little weird to see Freja as blond though this is not her first edit with a blond wig, but she still look fab as always.

Anonymous said...

the ones with the dark hair are the best!

who's that girl? said...

Thanks for these, I really like her as an occasional blonde =)

Anonymous said...

Keep your good work up!

Rrose Sélavy said...

You're welcome everyone!