Saturday, May 30, 2009

My Cowgirl Hero, Indeed

I actually really like this editorial. Even though I had my reservations in the last post, and even though Freja is still stuck playing the role of the androgynous tough girl, this is a really beautifully shot editorial. Solve Sundsbo has a talent for creating very striking images. I love his use of tonality and shading to create this very mysterious vibe, all while spotlighting the clothes that really do have a western cowgirl feel to them (except maybe for the Balmain dress). For a studio shoot, this editorial is completely engaging and far from boring, even though it is a bit cliche in terms of Freja's oeuvre.

My Cowgirl Hero
Vogue Nippon July 2009
Ph: Solve Sundsbo

I'd really like to see these images in color. Even though I love black and white photography, when it comes to fashion spreads I can't help but feel that an important dimension is taken away from the clothes when they're only shot in b&w. And I wish Solve had shot this on location somewhere. Perhaps the location where he shot this editorial would have also been apropos for this one, non? Anyway, this is definitely one of Freja's strongest editorials in a while, but I just hope it isn't the sole indicator of what we can expect to see from her work wise in the upcoming months. I'm just waiting for someone to give her the chance to show off her softer side once again. That being said, it is weird that my favorite image from the editorial is this one?

It's such a soft, quiet, introspective moment. Seemingly out of place when compared to the other images where Freja is posing strongly and glaring at the camera. Maybe that's why I love it. It's unexpected and simple, yet beautifully and precisely composed. I also love it because you can see five of her tattoos, some of which we've never seen clear images before. The dashed circle behind her ear, the inverted triangle on the back of her neck, the lightning bolt on her side, the phrase on her arm, and the "mine" part of the "this world tonight is mine" phrase tattooed on her wrist. For the longest time I just thought it said "this world tonight." And don't you just love how the triangle tattoo is echoed by the triangle on the strap of the Hermes vest? Intentional or not, that's just so beautiful.

Anyway, huge thanks to MAGstyle at tFS for taking the time to make these beautiful scans. If you're a member of tFS, remember to thank him and to thank all those that scan. It's a tough job and they're generous enough to do it.

Image Credits: Scanned by tFS member MAGstyle


SF said...

WOW much better than I expected. i agree, the shots should've been in color and/or location. i'd thank this MAGstyle person, but unfortunately i don't have a TFS membership(i don't kno how to get one! lol).

Freja a.k.a Tiko said...

really love the last pic.AMazinG

who's that girl? said...

She looks amazing <3