Friday, February 3, 2012

I Was Given Just One Wish

One thing I get more than just about anything else since taking up this blog (and indeed, prior to it as well) is questions concerning Freja's musical interests. Regrettably, I'm hardly in her Highness' inner circle, so my guess is as good as your own. I make a point of suggesting bands and songs to readers via post titles because of my own adoration of the art of organized noise, but there's nothing better for you lot than the real thing, I reckon.

Freja recently made another contribution to the totes brill SHOWstudio, giving them her best music hit mix. It's a list of ten songs, and seven bands, which you will all want to check out. Present (of course) is her beloved PJ Harvey, wicked Canadian indie rockers Arcade Fire (who are amaaaaaaze live, btw), and newcomer Anna Calvi, who I don't doubt she picked up from Karl Lagerfeld (last I checked, he had shitloads of copies of her eponymous debut record). Oh, and some Radiohead, cos how could you not?

I'll post Youtube links of the album versions of these so you don't need to scour the net. Also, here's the link to the SHOWstudio page in case you want to check out some of the other lists (Frigaciak fans will be pleased to note Frida's suggestion of Sweden's Fever Ray made it on to Jac's top 10, and Abbey Lee kicks it old school with some Lou Reed, ACDC, and Rolling Stones). Enjoy!

1. "Maggot Brain" by Funkadelic

2. "Morning Light" by Anna Calvi

3. "White Chalk" by PJ Harvey

4. "All I Need" by Radiohead

5. "Silence" by PJ Harvey

6. "Wasted Hours" by Arcade Fire

7. "Grinnin' In Your Face" by Son House

8. "Ready To Start" by Arcade Fire

9. "Angel" by PJ Harvey

10. "The Road" by Nick Cave and Warren Ellis

Peace, love, and floating,
Gill Ford

* "What Else Is There?" was the third single from Norwegian duo Röyksopp's second record, The Understanding. It features lyrics written and sung by Sweden's Karin Dreijer Andersson of The Knife and Fever Ray fame.


Anonymous said...

Nice post. Always enjoyed Freja's musical tastes. She also did an interview recently for the Mo&co catalog, which listed a few more songs that she's been listening to.
Here's a link

jakobmadley said...

I simply LOVE Anna Calvi.

sam said...

would somebody would PLEASEEE tell me what happenedn with Freja? is she doing runway? editorials? something? i dont see her often. not even with abbey lee. somebody please reply this with news! i've been uninformed lately. thankkks :)

Anonymous said...

^She'll be in Paris.

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Anonymous said...

Any updates on Freja?

It sucks that neither Freja nor IMG Models are confirming that she is on a break and if/when she will return to do editorials.

Some sort of information would be nice.

Not sure I like her work in the past few months. Mostly unknown or small or asian commercial brands. Does she really need the money?

Philosophical Christian said...

Congratulations on having such a long running blog! It looks like you're into models, have you looked into Philosophy at all?

Gill Ford said...

@ Anonymous 6:10 - It would seem that she is legitimately on a break. A long one like. While there have been a few Asian campaigns surfacing recently, keep in mind that campaigns are often shot months in advance... It is quite possible that Freja has not done much at all since last fashion season. And no, this shouldn't be a problem for her bank account, which is padded with several seasons of Chanel campaigns, as well as a strong advertising background in Asia, which is always a good market to be in on, never mind dominate.

If you want my best guess.. Freja is doing one of two things right now: lazing around at home in either New York or Copenhagen, or she's travelling the world as a tourist (instead of a model), and actually getting to see things other than the insides of hotels and taxis.

@ Philosophical Christian - As much as I appreciate the praise, it is misdirected. This blog is the success of Rrose Selavy: I am merely the little mouse in the house who picks up the crumbs... And I am not sure what you mean by Philosophy? Are we talking Plato, or Alberta Ferretti?

Anonymous said...

hey! so.. would you pretty please update this blog? it would be awesome thanks x

Anonymous said...

Oh yes please update.. I really like your and the way you talk about her, respectful and professional.

Anonymous said...

Sorry ... I really like your "blog"

Mercury Moonshine Dutchess said...

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Anonymous said...

So I guess this blog is officially dead? I wonder what Rose is up to these days..

Anonymous said...

Idk about Rose but Gill got a lot of offers around the end of 2011 to be a consultant and freelancer at various magazines in Europe and North America, and SUPPOSEDLY she accepted a contract with Conde Nast early last year but I don't know what magazine she's working with

Gill Ford said...

I have not signed any contracts. Please refrain from spreading rumours in the future, it is unkind and there are potential repercussions for those who fall victim to them. If anybody has questions or speculations, I would prefer that they forward them to me via email instead of airing them in public for speculation. Thanks!

Bridal saree said...

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Anonymous said...

This is the most intelligent fan blog around and Freja is in demand again so please update soon. Hope Gill and Rose are doing fine :)

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