Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Interview Editorial

Tomas Maier
Interview Magazine December/January 2010
Ph: Craig McDean

Just when I think Karl has a stranglehold on Freja's career, she goes and works with Meisel and Craig McDean. Always expect the unexpected when it comes to Freja. Lesson learned. Anyway, it's just one shot but at least it's something different. To my knowledge, Freja has only worked with McDean once before back in 2006 for an editorial in Vogue Paris, which resulted in this one shot:

A La Ligne
Vogue Paris September 2006
Ph: Craig McDean

And for reference, here are the rest of the shots from the Interview ed:

It's a beautifully simple and straight forward editorial, photographed with an emphasis on the clothes. As it should be since the accompanying article is all about Tomas Maier, designer of Bottega Veneta. Nevertheless, I'm a bit disappointed that all of the shots are solo ones because I was really looking forward to seeing how Freja, Hanne and Kasia would photograph together. Perhaps another time, as I think Hanne and Kasia are two of the most dynamic, newer presences both on and off the page.

Lastly, another thing I found of interest is that Michelle Lee at KCD did the casting. As past interviews show, she favors strong girls and she is responsible for casting many shows during fashion month--most notably Marc Jacobs and Marc by Marc Jacobs. Hopefully this means we'll be seeing Freja on those runways again come February. It's safe to assume Michelle is a fan, and unless Freja decides to retire in between now and then, I don't think we'll be disappointed.

Image Credits: artandcommerce, my scans from Interview Magazine Dec/Jan 2010


SF said...

after their Yelena Yemchuk editorial I was really looking forward to Kasia and Freja again.i guess solos would suffice for now.Hanne looks great too.

Fred said...

didn't Freja have just a piercing on her high right ear??

D9Robot said...

That guys hair is the coolest thing ive ever seen!

Anonymous said...

You should update the banner at the top of the site! Lol it's just a sugestion. Great blog by the way

Rrose Sélavy said...

^lol, I know I should update it. It looks pretty horrendous. But whatever free time I have I use creating content, writing and archiving images. One of these days I'll do it! Just don't know when that will be...