Friday, October 1, 2010

Your Turn

I feel like trying something different today. Since some of you find what I have to say so repetitive and boring, I'm going to save myself all the time and effort that it takes and leave it up to you all to come up with something new and meaningful to say. So if you don't like what's written here, now is your chance to do it your way. Yay! The comments are open. The editorial is below. Be respectful of each others opinions and have fun. :)

Cinnamon Girl
Dossier #6 2010
Ph: Cass Bird
Styling: Gillian Wilkins

Image Credits: My scans


Anonymous said...

I love this ed. I subscribed to Dossier for this,lol. I am usually satisfied of looking at pictures on the internet but I just gotta have it on print. It's soft and natural.I love the last two shots the most.

rte said...

Thank you for your scan! I really love this. :) BTW where did you buy this? If you bought this issue online, can you let that link please?

Anonymous said...

wtf, are you for realz?!
your "repetitive and boring" thoughts are really what makes this blog. if i wanted to just comment on her pics i'd visit her deranged tfs thread.*sigh*

Anonymous said...

You're blog isn't repetitive, you are voicing what a lot of people are thinking about her work, and who gives a fuck what other people think, it's your blog, say what you like.
This is one of my favourite editorials of the year for Freja, especially the shot by the water and the one of her laughing, it is so naturally beautiful and seems almost accidental.

Anonymous said...

love your blog. your a true fan of freja, yet you dont act like a "fangirl" or "fanboy" in a cringe-worthy manner.

as for the editorial... its different. it seems very... laid back country girl to me. it feels like a mix of freja herself and some country girl put together. i like it :) the softness is nice, even though i tend to prefer her in that hard, edgy, androgynous version that you tire of.


Mona Lisa Overdrive said...

Freja never ceases to amaze us with her timeless beauty. What is captured by Cass Bird is not necessarily beauty, but the essence of beauty. Beauty that is neither ephemeral nor illusory, never antiquates nor ages. It is an eternal vision of beauty that burns into the cerebrum. The way in which light and shadow are used seem to convey an archetype that we feel we've somehow met or known in a past life. A woman who's completely contemporary and yet could have lived in 17th century Paris.

Definitely one of her best editorials this year, and perhaps her most accessible one to date. I'm feeling rejuvenated! Thank you Rrose for sharing this with us. (^_^)

angela said...

this is why i like Freja so much. she can be perfect as glamorous and chic, and she can be perfect as this. i don't know what is about her that caught my attention so much. there's some mystery about her.. some je ne sais quoi. difficult to define indeed.
anyway, thanks Rrose. (:

beatrice said...

you shouldn’t be attacked for your opinions, considering the label of a blog means that there will inherently be views expressed that are yours, subjective, but whatever. to quote a wise meme, “haters gonna hate.” but that isn’t the point of this comment; i’m just a bit baffled and sympathetic that you’re finding such (ignorant) opposition to your series of frankly charming freja-thoughts. if you propose an experiment, rrose, i am happy to participate.

i think this is the most endearing and whimsical editorial. you asked whether we could have a happy freja a few posts previously, i think; well, here you (we!) have it. she’s more than smiling. she’s practically illuminating every photo, whether with her joy, her pensées, her melancholy, her level-headed regard. she’s beautiful. i don’t know why they called it “cinnamon girl” exactly, but i can hazard a guess. this is a girl who’s sweet, slightly spicy, tangy with life, a girl who changes with the mood, shifts and alters to display different facets for every milieu. but at heart she’s still the same, and you can taste it. this is a girl who’s unforgettable, like cinnamon.

i’m going to buy this magazine.

yantomycin said...

^Beatrice:Love your cinnamon explaination!!!! I wonder that too.

And RROsey....stay strong gurl!!!! Becoz of u i love freja even more!!!

Tea said...

cinnamon stick, long and thin and smell great, just like freja. sorry. :P

aside to blogger, stay calm and collected like her. it's sexy. :)

Anonymous said...

I don't know if it is possible that Freja could look any lovelier in the picture where she is laughing. So radiant and so pure. Rrose is amazing. That is all.

Annika said...

Rrose please don't stop with the commentary, I love it.

And this editorial is so fantastic! Beatrice, I love your interpretation of the title. I'm guessing it's from the Neil Young song but it's a perfect title for that reason. Sample lyric:
A dreamer of pictures
I run in the night
You see us together,
chasing the moonlight,
My cinnamon girl.

It's so refreshing to see her like this. So alive and happy. Especially after that horrid VP editorial (though that's not because of her, the styling/concept was a total mess).

bravegrrl said...

love love love this editorial. nothing much else to say on that subject...

and love your blog...