Monday, February 22, 2010

New Editorials and London

Here are two of Freja's March magazine madness editorials:

Chic Mystique
W Magazine March 2010
Ph: Mario Sorrenti

Love At First Sight
Vogue US March 2010
Ph: Steven Meisel

I'm just so happy to see Freja in US Vogue that I can't really say anything substantive or meaningful about the editorial. Usually I'm apathetic towards standard studio edits, but this one is special, obviously. And the rest of the cast is so great that I don't mind that Freja only has three shots. I like to think of this as a stepping stone to bigger and better things, hopefully. Finally US Vogue is changing up their model casting. In addition to Freja, this issue also boasts debuts for Abbey Lee, Patricia van der Vliet, and Mirte Maas! If Anna Wintour keeps this up I'll actually be looking forward to getting my copy of Vogue in the mail every month. Now...if we could just get her to do something about those awful celebrity covers....but even that might be changing in the near future. I swear, this entire month has seen the fashion world turned upside-down and inside out, especially for us Freja fans.

Anyway, as you all know by now, Freja is in London and she's already walked two shows, one of them a debut for her: Julien MacDonald and Acquascutum. The craziness continues, so if you thought this week was going to be a nice break between New York and Milan, think again. London is the place to be right now as a lot of models are walking there this season (think Anja, Abbey, Freja, Karlie, Sigrid, etc). I think this is great for a city that's generally overlooked. Collections have been strong so far so take a look when you get the chance.

Oh, and thanks to tFS member s'gnac, we have a preview of Freja's SPUR cover. I guess that means it's out in Japan and hopefully we'll be able to see some scans of the story eventually.

Image Credits: My scans, via s'gnac @ tFS


Laurianne said...

She has never been that natural on a cover! She's beautiful and so glad to see her london!

Miranda said...

"Now...if we could just get her to do something about those awful celebrity covers...."

I subscribed to W magazine in December and they only processed my order about a week ago, but I got the March issue in the mail, and I'm so happy that for once I actually own a magazine that has Freja in it!

Rrose Sélavy said...

@Miranda: I'm happy for you too. :)

Anonymous said...

She looks so gorgeous in those three shots in the US Vogue, and that Spur cover is nice. Even though I'm tired of the whole andro-Freja, there's something soft about this that doesn't make it boring.
Really random question, I was seeing the schedule for Milan and Fendi and Prada are in the same day, three hours apart. Is there any chance she could walk for both shows?

Rrose Sélavy said...

^very likely. Scheduling like that happens all the time and is in fact normal. Freja will be fine. In NY she was able to do MbyMJ and Diesel, which were only an hour apart. No worries! :)

JC said...

freja wearing something that is not BLACK GREY or WHITE!?!?!? does not compute.

Anonymous said...

@ Rrose Sélavy - Thanks! I'm so paranoid lol.

Rose Taylor said...

i just started my fashion blog, and was exploring's profile of spring RTW. i saw freja in Chole, and just had to know more about this gorgeous girl! im so glad i found your blog!

if you have a moment, please stop by my blog and follow! im just starting up, but would love your take on it. :) i also may be using some of your photos of freja in the future...will for sure credit. :)


Gladdis said...

can't wait to see more of Freja in W.
nice blog:)

Anonymous said...

any chance to get the Spur in Chicago at the stores?
the Uk Vogue was good (i thought alexa's article on denim was well-written!) Of cos Freja had a very good ed in it too, she carried the cyber-sensual look pretty well surprisingly.

Anonymous said...

Ah, I love how SPUR wrote Freja's name in Japanese, because now Japanese people are able to pronounce her name properly. Whereas before, they kept pronouncing her name freh-jah haha. It also says that she's the "cool" (not awesome "cool", even though she is awesome) model below her name. I'm glad they're not focusing only on her androgenicity.