Friday, June 4, 2010

Dip into the Archives

When it gets quiet in terms of news, I like to take the time to reflect and look back on the things that have led us to our present state. Fashion happens at such a break neck pace that it's easy to gloss over everything without fully comprehending anything. With the constant assault of images and ideas, I'm always so afraid I'll miss out on the beauty of a moment or the significance of an inspiration. This is why I think reflection is such an important tool. Some people might think it's just living in the past. But I think it's all about remembering how you got to the present.

Kaizerlich & Respect
Dansk #14 Summer 2007
Ph: Andreas Sjodin

What amazes me the most is the little paragraph on the image above. Reading it you'd think it could be describing the current state of Freja's career. But it was actually written three years ago. This kind of sustained popularity and relevance is so rare. Freja has changed a lot throughout her career from being feminine to being very androgynous to being a good mixture of both now. This is probably the reason she's been able to stay around for as long as she has because she's been quietly reinventing herself over and over, making herself seem new every few seasons. I don't know if that's just luck, excellent management, intrinsic talent or a combination of all three. What I do know is that it's pretty damn amazing. It's how you build a loyal (almost fanatical) following and keep the work coming at the highest level.

Freja has always seemed to be quieter and less attention garnering on the social front when you compare her to her model peers. But I'm glad that she's finally been getting the attention and recognition she deserves. People who may have written her off before are now finding new reasons to admire her and her work. And the best thing about it all is that it always seems to be on her own terms.

Image Credits: My scans

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Uuuu I like this post. It's a great idea to bring back some of the amazing work that helped push freja's career to where it is now!! I like (>^.^)>