Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Art of Melancholy

Huge, huge thank you to tFS member nothingless for getting HQs of this old editorial. I had been looking for high quality images for a long time without any luck, and nothingless was generous and kind enough to help me out by getting the images from art+commerce.

Art of Melancholy
Vogue Nippon March 2008
Ph: Solve Sundsbo

This is one of my favorite editorials featuring Freja. The vibe of the shoot is just so alluring. Maybe it's her glistening skin or the vibrant colors of the clothes against the homogeneous desert backdrop. But the images absolutely pull you in. Can't you just feel the sun's rays radiating down on your skin? Can't you feel the dry and dusty desert air whip around the beads of sweat forming on your neck? The isolationism often associated with this harsh landscape is perfectly captured here with the eerily decrepit setting and long shadows. Add to this mix Freja's brooding stare and nonchalant body language and you really have the art of melancholy.

Image Credits: art+commerce via tFS member nothingless

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