Monday, May 24, 2010


Finally got my copy of W in the mail. Freja has two more shots in addition to the one I already posted before. At first glance this seems like just another studio edit, but one neat thing about this is that W has supplemented each shot with commentary from those involved, whether it be designer, stylist or model. You can read the commentary on the pages, and also some additional insights online. This approach definitely brings new breath to what could have otherwise been just another studio ed languishing in the mundane.

Best In Show
W Magazine June 2010
Ph: Craig McDean
Styling: Alex White
Other Models: Various girls all from IMG, but only Freja's shots scanned below

“How do you look both powerful and feminine? I wanted to explore that question.” —Tomas Maier, Bottega Veneta
“I wanted to make her look kind of glamorous, and a little cherubic at the same time. I hadn’t see Freja like that before. It’s an unusual way to do a look like that—prettier instead of boyish.” —Eugene Souleiman, hairdresser

You can't ask for a better model to embody both power and femininity, as Freja has proven over and over again. And Eugene definitely succeeded in drawing out the cherubic qualities of Freja face in this first shot. I don't know about you, but cherubic definitely wasn't a word I ever associated with Freja before. But I'm glad others are starting to see beyond the boyish androgyny.

“This look has been influenced by an Irving Penn picture representing someone from the streets wrapped in a poster with words. I used words and text from the work of Cindy Sherman and the French artist Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster.” —Nicolas Ghesquiere, Balenciaga

Knowing that Nicolas incorporated Cindy Sherman's work just makes me love this Balenciaga look even more, as she happens to be one of my favorite artists. (I mean, who doesn't love Cindy Sherman?) So having Freja model the look is just icing on the cake.

“For this collection I was thinking what embodies chic now: a precise shoulder, the contrast of black and white, a skirt that fluidly encircles the body.” —Giorgio Armani

Don't you just love seeing Freja being so 80's power career woman chic? That hair actually does wonders for her and it's a look that I hope we get another chance to see again. The soft volume contrasts well with the severity of her stare and the linearity of her body.

If you have the chance, I really recommend that you go through each shot online to read the commentary. For it's within the context of the commentary that each look makes more sense to me. I can appreciate the entire story so much more than if it had merely been a studio editorial of just one girl jumping against a gray background (cough, US Vogue, cough).

Another great thing about this editorial is the use of models. You've heard the cliche "location, location, location," but when it comes to fashion and editorials I really think that "casting, casting, casting" makes all the difference in the world. Not only is this a great showcase for IMG and their robust roster of models, this also presents a wonderful cross-section of the modeling world today. You have models at all different stages of their careers, at all different statuses within the industry, and at all different levels of fame. I felt excited to flip through each page of the editorial because I couldn't wait to see who would be next and what she would bring to the page and to the clothes.

And speaking of, it's always nice to finally see how looks from the runway translate to the page. Perhaps it's a little too early to be thinking about Fall, but I don't mind one bit if it means I get to see those divine Balenciaga and Burberry looks.

Freja has done some great work for W recently, that I'll be so sad to see it stop. So please don't stop it Stefano Tonchi.

Image Credits: My scans


COCAMIA said...

Thank you for sharing this great info! I will go through each shot to read the commentary. I find it interesting and inspiring! I really admire you and your dedication to your blog. The info blows me away...

Anonymous said...

I'll have to check out the commentary. Freja the cherub faced girl is an odd concept, lol. Btw I know you don't like her ed in the latest VP but you should get it b/c it comes with a dvd that profiles Freja during fashion week.

Rrose Sélavy said...

^Yeah, I heard about the DVD. I don't think that comes with newsstand copies in the US....I'll double check though.

Anonymous said...

I have been very confused with how to pronounce Freja correctly. In the recorded audio interview Freja had with V magazine a couple years ago, she said her name is pronounced like fry-ya. But people keep referring her as frey-ya and in some interviews, she called herself frey-ya as well. I think that maybe because everyone kinda pronounce it wrong, so she just goes along with it. Do you think that is what it is?

Anonymous said...

^ look and listen here: