Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Quick Recap

Just in case you've lost track, here's a quick recap of all of Freja's current work:

Balenciaga by Steven Meisel
Chanel by Karl Lagerfeld
MaxMara by Mario Sorrenti
Tom Ford Eyewear by Tom Ford
Valentino by David Sims

Best in Show, W Magazine, June 2010 by Craig McDean
Collection Privee, Vogue Paris, June/July 2010 by Terry Richardson
The Untold Crime, Vogue Nippon, August 2010 by Terry Richardson
Colour Shock, Vogue UK, August 2010 by Josh Olins
Modern Love, Interview, August 2010 by Craig McDean
Winter Before Winter, Vogue Paris, August 2010 by David Sims

Vogue Paris Collections F/W 10.11
Vogue Paris, August 2010 by David Sims
Vogue UK, August 2010 by Josh Olins
W Magazine Korea, August 2010 by Craig McDean

Chanel Haute Couture F/W 10.11 Accessories Video
Paparazzi Shots in Soho on 7/21/10
Ridiculous and ludicrous article from Jezebel about Vogue UK cover
Vogue UK cover getting even more press

It's been a very busy few months, and the S/S 11 season isn't even here yet!


Anonymous said...

LMAO i didn't even hear about that jezebel article!
Too bad people are once again focusing on her sexuality and not her abilities as a model. :(

BunnyBehan said...

I think the writer on Jezebel is not totally ridiculous. I have to admit that the article of Freja on Vogue UK doesn't give me many breathtaking moments, I skimmed through the article and was barely impressed except for her joke.
But that writer is not that righteous to demand an insight on Freja's sexuality. She/he was right about the need of revealing more about Freja's "behavior, psychology, past, present, dreams, goals, motivations, and concerns".

Freja hasnt got many interviews so each of them should be informative. I always want to hear more from her, about whatever it is. The article on Vogue UK is like it was written of wikipedia and a super brief chit-chat with Freja, not even a genuine interview.

Rrose Sélavy said...

For the average Vogue UK reader, the interview was perfectly fine. Freja is only a model and the article was basically introducing her to people who know nothing about her. What are they supposed to do? Delve into her deepest, darkest dreams? That's just creepy.

The Jezebel article was ridiculous in assuming anything about her sexuality when nothing has ever been confirmed by either Freja nor her agencies. We can assume and infer all we want, but the fact of the matter is that we don't know anything for a fact. And frankly, I think it should stay that way so people focus more on Freja's work as a model.

Lucy said...

Could you please post the "Les Prédateurs" edit (Numéro Hommes Magazine), it would be interesting to know your opinion about it :)
& also, would you mind inviting me on TFS, I'd love to join this community & post some old edits from my personnal collection.
Thank you so much in advance & keep on the good work!

Lucy said...

I forgot to give you my e-mail adress, sorry
So here we go:

Anonymous said...

Well, honestly said. Freja has been in the industry for a good 5 years, fashion readers expect to read about her as a PERSON. Her photos are everywhere, ppl shout her name eagerly, if I just want to know her modeling career, i will google or wiki it out, i wont wait till Vogue UK establishes such an article.

I'd rather read this blog, which is at least thought-provoking, than spend time on that dead dull piece of writing on Vogue UK. Even the most interesting part is not by the writer, it's because Freja's joke that they just simply quoted.

BunnyBehan said...

^Im BunnyBehan who you replied earlier

yantomycin said...

rrose selavy....i just wanna say...thanks for the blog...i think you did a very wonderful job here...i hope you can keep it going....your blog is my favourite source of information and thought-provoking....

n to be r the reason i get interested with freja...!!!

Rrose Sélavy said...

@Lucy: Sorry, I don't give invites to tFS because I get so many requests. It's just a policy I have. Hope you understand!

@BunnyBehan: You're completely missing my point. The majority of people who read magazines like all the Vogues don't know who the models are. They could care less, truth be told. That piece was essentially introducing Freja on the most basic level to a whole slew of readers who know nothing about her. Obviously, neither you nor I fit into that category since we're already fans. But don't fool yourself....we are in the minority.

@yantomycin: Thank you so much and thanks for reading!

Lucy said...

Okay, no problem, thanks for answering me!