Saturday, July 3, 2010

A Long Time Coming

It's about damn time.

Vogue UK August 2010
Ph: Josh Olins

I love this cover and think Freja looks great. I tend to be overly critical sometimes, but my first immediate and visceral reaction after I saw this was utter joy. Maybe that was partly in reaction to the "finally!" aspect of this cover, but I also think it was in reaction to the fresh summer appeal of this cover.

So many times it seems like magazines forget to take into account the season/month they released their issues. But for the month of August, Vogue UK has produced a wonderfully light and appealing cover with a model generally known more for her edge and broodiness. The only one small complaint I have about this cover is in regards to the placement of the title text. It's a little unfortunate that the bottom curve of the "G" lines up with Freja's face in such a way as to make her eyebrow seem overly arched. It kind of makes it look like she's raising one brow in an expression of surprise or mischief. But the rest looks great, including her hair. For once it looks like a stylist did something with it, instead of just leaving it as one big, overwhelming mop (see Max Mara ads).

It's also wonderful to see Freja continuing to counter the old androgynous image that we had of her for so long. All of her work since this second career rejuvenation has shown us what a talented and versatile model she truly is. To only see her femininity now is to basically ignore and insult everything she's done for the past year or so (not to mention the entire beginning half of her career), and to denigrate her skills as a model. She has been expanding her modeling range and taking her image down new avenues for a while now....I just wish people would give her more credit for that.

Anyway, I love that Josh Olins shot this, and he's a photographer who I'm happy to see Freja work more with (unlike Terry but more on that later). Their last time together produced this little gem. Kudos Vogue UK for finally putting Freja on your cover! She's done a lot of good work for you throughout her career so it's definitely well deserved. Now, if only Vouge Paris will follow your lead and put Raquel on their cover....

Image Credit: scan via tFS member Chanelcouture09


Anonymous said...

OMG!! i'm so so happy and i must get this least i can understand the article about her in it as compared to vogue Italia or Paris.i love the cover as summer and refreshing to see Freja in this shoot.

Anonymous said...

My first reaction was the same as yours. After so many fantastic editorial with the Vogue UK team, I am so happy she has a Vogue UK cover to her name. Also, I may sound like a broken record at this point but a Vogue Paris cover would be absolutely fantastic. This year has been full of so many "firsts" for Freja, I hope she can add a (single model) Vogue Paris cover to that list. And yes, I hope Raquel can do the same.

Anonymous said...

I just noticed how they put her name on the cover and give her a title like V did. Also inside on the opening page of the editorial they mention her name like they do with Daria Werbowy in magazines. lovely

Anonymous said...

First of all, I adore Josh Olins. He's such an amazing photography and they both have done amazing work together.
She looks so soft and cool. No weird expression or anything. Just looking beautiful.
I seriously gasped when I saw this cover. That Miu Miu dress is looking great too.
One of the best UK Vogue covers from this year for sure.

Anonymous said...

The editorial is ok but I prefer Terry Richardson's work with Freja. Terry's editorials are more memorable IMO . And it's obvious that Freja likes him and it shows in their work. The cover is lovely, though!

Juliet said...

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RedHead said...

Yes yes YES! About TIME! Though I'm slightly sad that they haven't 'rocked' her up a little.