Wednesday, July 7, 2010

From Denmark to Paris to ?

We all have our traditions. Usually around this time of year most Americans are fresh off a weekend of grilling out and watching fireworks in celebration of the July 4th holiday. Freja, on the other hand, always seems to find herself jetting from Denmark to Paris around this time of year; going from crowded, dirty concert tents to immaculate, luxurious runways.

The Roskilde music festival is arguably one of the biggest draws on the European festival circuit. Freja was there last year decked out in some Alexander Wang, and seemingly not one to break with tradition (or give up on her love of music), she was there again this year also decked out in Alexander Wang.

Coincidentally, I happen to own the same green A Wang vest and let me tell you, it's amazing. (I swear I bought it before I knew Freja had it! Contrary to what you may think, I'm not that type of fan.) As soon as I saw the look on Iselin during the SS10 show, I just knew I had to have it. The best thing about it is the long, draping back made of black nylon. The panel wafts up in the air as you walk, kind of like a cape. So just picture Freja walking around, made even more imposing by a black cape trailing behind her. Pretty cool.

Anyway, judging from the blog post of the person who saw her at Roskilde, she was there on Friday, July 2nd. But yesterday, July 6th, saw her in Paris walking the Chanel Haute Couture F/W 2010 show just like last year.

No surprises here. You can always count on Karl and Freja. They're like Archie and Jughead, Sonny and Cher, Turner and Hooch, Inez and Vinoodh. ;) I may have ragged on some of their past collaborations, but I am truly grateful for their relationship. It's reliable and comfortable; a rarity in the fashion world where seasonal change triumphs.

Freja didn't open or close, but she had one of the last showstopping looks. From an Alexander Wang green military style vest to Chanel sequins and beading, Freja effortlessly moves from one look to the other. I never find myself surprised at the way she looks. No matter the setting, no matter the context, no matter her surroundings, Freja always looks like she inherently belongs. She never looks like she's out of her element; but rather, she always looks to me as if she's completely in it. And that's the mark of a true model.

So where next? From Denmark to Paris to the next job, wherever it may be. Here's hoping it's a good one!

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Anonymous said...

I have to learn to track her whereabouts. I may go study abroad in the States next yr and follow Freja at NY fashion wk is an alluring job to do.

Thanks for keeping us updated, I wish to know more about you.

I hope Karl's favor for Freja wont be on and off. Last HC season she opened and had 3, this season she was dropped to the middle and had only 2 !
When I see the stage in process (the lion, you know what i mean) i thought "Freja is the one".
It's was a huge disappointment to me, however :)

Anonymous said...

karl seems to be interested in natasha lately. it kinda reminds me when karl was super interested in sasha, had her open and close the shows for HC and resort. and he lost interest in her.

frejas still in karls good book. she had the last look before the bride and her last outfit was obviously the best. everyone from bryanboy to anna russo was raving about the outfit.

Anonymous said...

btw, i saw someone from the chinese forum bought the chinese elle magazine (taylor swift on the cover). it came with an additional collection magazine or something like that. karl had an interview in it. he said his favorite models are Gemma, Raquel and Freja!!!! i wish someone can scan the chinese interview.....

Anonymous said...

I love how in her UK Vogue interview, it says how she holidays with Karl in St Tropez every summer and that he sends her Chanel shipments every season. I think their relationship is more affectionate and loyal than your typical seasonal karl obsessions :)

And i hope he gets over Natasha soon. She's my least fav of all his obsessions. I'd rather him go back to Sasha

Anonymous said...

Freja is the daughter that Karl never had LOL! They seem like a Papa and daughter relationship. BTW, how come I rarely see Freja wearing Chanel clothes? I'm sure Karl knows Freja's style he wouldn't send her flower dresses LOL.

Anonymous said...

i read karls former assistant's book about him. karl can be very generous with ppl. he gave his former assistant money to put deposit down for an apartment in paris. but he can also be very cruel. he would cut ppl out of their lives for no reason. apparently his former assistant found a new job in celine but karl placed a call and celine refused to hire his former assistant.

oh, i rather have karl interested in iris s. than natasha....