Thursday, August 13, 2009

Track Her If You Can

You have to really love traveling if you want to be a top model. Just check out this little time line I've put together of Freja's whereabouts in the past few months. Consider it my own version of "Where In the World is FBE?"

Late May/Early June: Monaco for work and some relaxation time
Early June: London for work and play
Week of June 8th: New York for reasons unknown, but most likely work
Week of June 15th: Paris, ostensibly for work with Heidi Mount and Karl
Thursday, July 2th - Sunday, July 5th: Roskilde Festival in Denmark
Tuesday, July 7th: Chanel Haute Couture show in Paris
Thursday, August 6th: Mads Norgaard show as part of Copenhagen Fashion Week
Tuesday, August 11th: Saint Tropez in France with Karl Lagerfeld

Coming Up...

Sometime in August: Road trip to Los Angeles, San Diego, and Las Vegas
Monday, August 31 - Monday, Sept 7: Burning Man in Black Rock City, Nevada
Thursday, September 10th: New York Fashion Week

And then soon afterward, London (perhaps), Milan and Paris. Whew!

Decked out in A. Wang at the Roskilde Festival in early July

Walking around Saint Tropez on Tuesday in head-to-toe black, possibly as a purposeful foil to Karl's mostly white outfit. :)

Whoever says being a model is easy has never had to endure a grueling schedule like this. Sure there's down time and you're in exotic locales, but traveling in general tires your body out and messes up your Circadian rhythms. Continuous travel like the kind Freja undertakes results in a persistent, nagging sense of exhaustion. You jet setters out there should know what I'm talking about. Needless to say, after tracking Freja for just three months and seeing where she's been, I'm exhausted and for once not envious of her. I traveled just two hours from my home into the country this past weekend and the trip has already thrown off my whole week....yes, I'm a wimp.

How many frequent flyer miles do you think Freja's racked up in just these past few months? Even crazier still is that she's about to log tons more miles during the upcoming fashion month. I guess this means you better stay tuned for more installments of "Where In the World is FBE?"

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Anonymous said...

it's funny how much of an extrovert Freja has been this year and/or is getting a lot more press.

Rrose Sélavy said...

It is very funny...and probably deliberate. I think IMG is pushing their top girls to get more work because of the recession.

M3 said...

"Where In The World is FBE," LoL

Anonymous said...

Its a good sign to see her around Karl so close to the upcoming fashion week. Who knows maybe something might be brewing between the two, professionally, of course! ;)