Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Chanel Haute Couture

As expected, Freja walked for Chanel Haute Couture earlier tonight. Other perennial Karl favorites like Milana Keller, Snejana Onopka, Sasha Pivovarova and Denisa Dvorakova were there as well, along with newer girls like Sigrid Agren, Karmen Pedaru and Toni Garrn. Very fitting considering the collection was like a greatest hits both old and new of Chanel.

Freja had two looks and disappointingly her face was covered up in one of them. The second looks was a little more comical, but it did show off her amazingly long legs.

At first Karl's inspiration for the collection was reported to be "floating panels." But then we got another report saying the inspiration was more 70's nightclub. In looking at the complete collection, I can see both aspects very clearly.

Many of the dresses did indeed have panels of fabric floating down the back. Olivier Theyskens favored a similar idea while he was still at Nina Ricci. I like to think of the look as business in the back, party in the front. :)

And Karl's use of embellishments and sequins give off a Studio 54 disco vibe. Hence, the 70's nightclub reference.

The backdrop of the show was four big bottles of Chanel No. 5. You can always count on Karl to be ostentatious and over the top. Lara was the bride this time, and according to Derek Blasberg she and Baptiste kissed to close the show. I guess that's one way to leave an impression, and it also probably explains why Freja did not make her third appearance as the Chanel bride.

Haute Couture shows are still going on, but I don't know how likely it will be for Freja to walk in any of the remaining shows. We'll see though. She's always full of surprises.

Image Credits: catwalking.com, fashionologie, style.com

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