Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Walking and Talking

If you're too busy during all the fashion month chaos, I guess the runway can be another good place to catch up with your friends, right? Here are Freja and Marina during the Sonia Rykiel final walk at 8:00:

And here are Lara and Freja during the Hermès final walk at :58.

Maybe this is something you only perfect and feel comfortable doing after a few seasons on the catwalk. After all, you have to be able to talk over all the noise and not lose focus so that you fall in your heels. :) It kind of breaks the fourth wall though, don't you think? Nevertheless, people do say that fashion should be more accessible, so I guess this is one way of doing it. And I wonder what was so interesting in either instance that couldn't wait till backstage...

And off topic, but this warrants a mention: Congrats to Freja for moving up the rankings! A four spot leap up was bound to happen sooner or later with the help of those five FW0910 campaigns. If she keeps it up this season, I think she's in the running for top three! Maybe even top two once Raquel vacates the number one spot and moves to the icons list.


Anonymous said...

aaw they were holding hands too.great news about her getting into the top 5,finally MDC got something right.
with SS10 campaigns rumours already buzzing,what campaigns would you like freja to snag?

meg-1989 said...

it just cracks me up see two models talking to each other on the actual runway!

CTM said...

Wow thank you for the (almost) daily Freja Beha dose you are giving us.
This definately one of my favorite blogs.