Saturday, October 31, 2009

Freja Fridays

Yes, I know it's not friday today but I wanted to take this time to point out the beginnings of an internet revolution called "Freja Fridays." Ok, maybe it's not exactly a revolution but I think it should be. :) A few blogs have turned fridays, arguably already the best day of the week, into Freja Fridays thus making the day even better.

Skinny Intern was the originator of the idea, and now it's caught fire over at Nova Style. You + Eye even took part yesterday, but probably more out of coincidence because I don't think Freja Fridays is a regular fixture over there...yet. Maybe with some encouraging it could be?

What a great way to end the work week, right? I thought about adopting the moniker on fridays too, but then I remembered this whole blog is about Freja so everyday is already a Freja day.


sugababe said...

I am all for Freja Fridays.

Do you tweet btw?


Amber said...

Love that. I think I'll do that on my blog. Love Freja, yet I've never featured her...