Thursday, October 8, 2009

Paris Recap

Paris was one frenetic whirl of big designers names and shows. Freja easily had her best showing here out of all the cities, adding to the tally of her already impressive show list for the season.

Paris Fashion Week SS10 - 18 Shows Total
2 Opening Slots
4 Closing Slots

Balenciaga - 1 Look
Balmain - 2 Looks
Celine - 2 Looks
Chanel (C) - 4 Looks
Chloe (O) - 2 Looks
Dries Van Noten (C) - 2 Looks
Gareth Pugh - 2 Looks
Hermes - 1 Look
Isabel Marant - 3 Looks
Karl Lagerfeld (C) - 2 Looks
Lanvin - 2 Looks
Loewe - 1 Look
Louis Vuitton - 1 Look
Miu Miu - 1 Look
Rick Owens (O) - 2 Looks
Sonia Rykiel - 2 Looks
Stella McCartney - 3 Looks
Valentino (C) - 2 Looks

Looking back now, I tend to think Freja was taking it easy in all the other cities in order to prepare and reserve some energy for for Paris. She was everywhere! She started earlier than expected by walking Gareth Pugh (whose aesthetic is fittingly dark, moody, and dramatic) on the very first day.

On day two we saw Freja at Balenciaga in the morning and Balmain and Rick Owens later in the day. The day's, in fact the season's, biggest surprise was Daria walking Balmain, but pictures of Freja and Daria have yet to surface. :(

On friday Freja had three looks in the Isabel Marant show, which is a show I always look forward to because the models all look so gorgeous and they embody the phrase Parisian chic. Friday we saw her return to walk in Lanvin, a show she hasn't done for a few seasons now. This is another one that just wraps you up in a world where beauty reigns supreme. And it was so nice to see Freja styled femininely after the rough and tumble, modern life warrior shows the first two days.

The weekend brought with it a little down time as Freja only walked for Loewe on saturday. (I'm still hoping against hope that one of these days she'll walk for Anne Demeulemeester again.)

Sunday came with two expected appearances at Karl Lagerfeld and Dries Van Noten. Freja also closed out both shows, cementing her long standing relationships with both brands. In a delightful surprise, Freja also walked Sonia Rykiel that night. I still remember seeing Freja and Coco high-five on the Rykiel runway a few seasons ago, but this time Freja seemed a little more demure. Maybe we'll see the trademark smile when full video of the show comes out.

It's no secret that Stella McCartney is a Freja fan, so naturally we saw Freja in three looks at her show on monday. And in perhaps the most anticipated show of the Paris season, Freja had two looks in Celine, now run by former Chloe designer Phoebe Philo.

Freja made her most buzzed about catwalk appearance yet at the Chanel show on tuesday. With four gender-bending looks and a memorable closing romp, it's safe to say Freja has quite a few more fans now. But she wasn't done yet. She then went on to open the Chloe show and close the Valentino show. Just another example of her ability to navigate the extremes; she went from being twins with Baptiste to being ruffled out for the ultra feminine label Valentino. Amazing.

On the last day of Paris fashion week, and the last day of the SS10 season, Freja didn't disappoint. For the final home stretch she walked in Louis Vuitton sporting a giant afro wig. Then in Miu Miu sporting naked, wriggling female bodies on her pants. And then finally in Hermès where she went sport casual.

Now that fashion month is finally over, Freja deserves a very nice long vacation to recharge the batteries and rest those feet. I just hope she doesn't take too long of a break because lord knows we can't go too long without some new material. :) Also, the mad scramble for ad campaigns has most likely already begun. With strong showings from lots of new girls, we'll see what happens to Freja's campaign list. Will it diminish coming off last season's high of 5? Or will it increase even more? Your guess is as good as mine.

Btw, fashion month recap post coming sometime soon. I don't know about you guys, but seeing things broken down helps me to remember them.

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Kasia said...

Love love love that ruffled Valentino gown. ohmigawd.

Anonymous said...

wow...thank you so much for the detailed and chronological recount of her last week. I enjoyed your commentary almost as much as the large, unwatermarked, frejatastic pics!!

What an amazing week.. oh man

- jingooo