Sunday, October 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Freja!

Today is Freja's 22nd birthday and the one year anniversary of this blog. Yes, I started this all as a 21st birthday present to Freja one year ago.

Cut to one year later and I never thought I'd still be doing this. I never thought people would actually care enough to read my words and hear my rambling analysis. I never thought Freja would make a resurgence and log one of her best years in terms of campaigns, editorials and runway appearances. I never thought she'd start an official site complete with a blog. It's pretty clear I never thought about a lot of things, but I'm glad they have all happened.

So thank you so much for your time, attention and all your enthusiastic comments. I started this for Freja but now I continue on for you, the Freja fans. And thank you so much, of course, to Freja for being this blog's inspiration and muse. Her uncompromisingly cool attitude, laid-back personality and rebel approach towards fashion keeps us all on the edge of our seats wanting more.

I'm sure Freja doesn't read this blog, much less know of it's existence; but I'm fine with that because it was never my intention. So I hope I can keep this running for as long as she has a career; and let us hope that that's a long time coming. But more than this, I hope that all of you continue to find solace, escape, happiness and whatever it is you are searching for, in our favorite model. Because isn't that what brings all of us back to her work? Isn't that why we just can't get enough?

I hope this upcoming year brings you as much satisfaction, enjoyment and creative release as the past year writing this blog has brought to me. And lastly, I hope that Freja has another year full of professional success, but more importantly, personal health, growth and happiness because she deserves it.

Happy Birthday Freja! Let's commemorate this occasion by taking a look at her very first runway appearance as a FW0506 Prada semi-exclusive at the ripe old age of 17.

@ 0:15

Amazing what four years experience and confidence can do. She really has matured into a beautiful, self assured young woman.


Ploy said...

I discovered your blog around the same time I discovered Freja, which was about three months ago. I love Freja because she represents the qualities I admire not only in a model, or a woman, but in a human being: she's relaxed, confident, independent, and humble. Well, as for the humility part, it's deduced from various videos and interviews and interaction and also the job she gets: she couldn't have become this prominent if she didn't have supporters, and if she has supporters, then she must have people who love her, and therefore she must be humble and kind in person, at least to a certain extent.

Thank you again for maintaining this blog. I love your analysis and insight! Your entries are thoughtful and mature, and that's what brings me back to this blog everyday.

Happy birthday to Freja, and your blog! (I hope to rewrite that sentence again next year.)

Rrose Sélavy said...

Thank you so much for your eloquent and thoughtful comment! What you said really means a lot to me, so thank you.

sugababe said...

thank you for this blog! I appreciate the fact that you are now doing this for us, Freja's fans :)

and Freja, happy birthday!

CamL said...

Happy Birthday freja !!!

and happy first anniversary to this blog! Rrose u rock! lets keep the passion continue for many more years to come :)

btw, shes in NY now? what a weather to spend birthday! i dont mind accompanying her if she wishes to ;) LOL

endia said...

Happy B-Day number 22, Freja! Happy one year anniversay to frejabeha.! Hopefully, Freja will have another great year and give you much to blog us to read about.

Thank you for this wonderful site!

Zoey said...

I hope You continue writing & Freja keeps being her cool self!! :D

Anonymous said...

Happy B-day Freja. It's strange to think that she is only a three years older than me and this successful. I hope to be as successful in whatever career I choose by the time I'm 22.

Anonymous said...

Happy B-Day Freja and RRose website. Your a pretty amazing writer and humble. I think Freja would be aware of this site if she is at all web savvy or can use Google. I know she's a model but dang it ain't that hard :) If she's seen the wonderful way you've written about her then I'm sure she's flattered. Keep up the good work.

Francesca said...

love the blog.and freja of course.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for keeping this blog!
I love escaping to this site after a hard work's day of school. I think Freja is a very interesting model. Congratulations to her 22nd birthday and to your generosity! :) I hope you keep writing in this blog!

SF said...

happy birthday to freja and this's funny that all my friends and roommates read this thing at one point and they're not really fashion people.see what great writing can do?
keep up the great work and i hope Freja has a massive 2010.

Ange said...

habby birthday dear Freja!
i love her 'cause she's different in every possible way.
thanks Rrose for everything that you've done!

Tubby said...

Thank you SO MUCH for starting this blog! I check it every day! I love reading the perspective of another freja fan, especially one who writes so well. Keep up the good work!

fitriani ithy lukitty said...

Happy Birthday Freja..
I Love You so much !!