Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Model Boards

Here is a collection of what I like to call model boards from this past season's shows. A range of designers are represented, but Freja's picture is somewhere on all the boards. Can you spot her in each one? (Click through to enlarge. The show/designer is in the image file name.)

I love these models boards so much because they represent the culmination of a designer's work for the entire season. It's amazing how all the hard work, late nights and stress can reduce down to this one portable object--just some photographs on a foam board. I also think these boards are the perfect meeting point between reality and fashion. On the one hand you have polaroids or digitals of the models showing them in their natural state without the hair and makeup for the show. (Polaroids can be a pretty harsh photographic medium as there is no room for airbrushing. It's probably the best instance of photographs as actual representations for the objects depicted.) On the other you have all of the designer's complete looks. It's such an interesting clash between the real world and the runway.

I also love trying to spot all my favorite girls. Some of them look radiant even under the harsh lens of the polaroid. Some look like they just literally rolled out of bed and stumbled over to their fitting, which very likely could be the case since fittings happen throughout all hours of the day during fashion month. I just think these model boards are a perfect microcosm for what happens in the industry at large. If you look closely, they tell the season's story and I bet they even reflect each designer's aesthetic. Each board looks different from show to show, so I would love to do a compare/contrast study at the end of the season with all the boards.

Anyway, now that we are firmly out of the SS10 season frenzy, I'm going to try and do some recaps of backstage moments, etc... Everything happened at such a rapid pace during the shows that I think it's important to revisit and take stock. Hope you don't mind. :)

Image Credits: corbis, cobrasnake, dazeddigital,,, ftape,,, wwd, yvanrodic


endia said...

I love trying to find my favs on these boards too. And, yes, Freja is definitely one of those who look like she just rolled out of bed in most of them. lol

Please include the hilarious Fragdalena backstage pics at Lanvin in your upcoming recap. Those are just priceless.

Anonymous said...

^ they were!
personally i like the pre-show polas. they look like

JESI said...

i met freja last Saturday
she is the best, im so happy



miwa said...

I love this post. I always look out for model boards/polaroids in backstage photos because I find them very interesting. Those polas from Alexander Wang and Burberry look like editorials.

CL said...

i like 'model boards' and looking for my fav models on them.
(with out-of-bed hair and no makeup, i cant help imagining the nameplate in their hands and measurement wall behind LOL.. they'll make cute mugshots!)