Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Tally It Up!

Freja is having an amazing ad campaign season. Last season she only had Karl Lagerfeld and she shared campaign duties with Daria for Roberto Cavalli. This season the tally looks quite different:

J Brand Jeans

And now we get to add Pollini as well!

Freja walked on their FW0910 runway for the first time in her career, but she only had one look and she neither opened nor closed the show. Consequently, it's quite a surprise to see her in the ad campaign.

Last season the honor went to Elise Crombez, but that was a little more expected because she made a special appearance on their SS09 runway. These days Elise is pretty much retired from the catwalks except for the occasional Prada stint, so when we saw her walking the show an ad campaign made sense. Runway shows are generally (but not always) a reliable indicator of what to expect model wise in ad campaigns.

Pollini is a show that usually relies on newer models to walk its catwalk. After all, it is a more obscure and smaller label in the fashion scene and so you can't expect all the big name models to come out like they do for Gucci. Freja's appearance on their catwalk was surprising, but it didn't raise any flags for me as a few other established girls like Raquel, Marina and Kinga walked the show as well. I'm quite happy to be taken off guard though!

Jonathan Saunders designs for Pollini in addition to designing under his eponymous label shown in New York. Just in case you forgot, Freja also walked that show for the first time this past season.

I think we might have another Freja fan on our hands here. And if this is the case, then perhaps it's more likely that Freja will make the trip out to London fashion week this upcoming season.

By the way, I think the ad is wonderful. I find the busy, colorful, whimsical background very endearing. It's a nice change of pace and it provides a good foil to the clothing. I hope we get to see more images, but I think Pollini only does one shot. Freja does hard-edged glamour so well that she has the market absolutely cornered in that look. However, I'm looking forward to seeing some of her other sides in her other campaigns for this season.

Image Credits: Scanned by tFS member Luxx, scanned by tFS member sedirea,


SF said...

Elise(one of my faves) and now Freja, Pollini has great taste in model selection.the clothes are very rock chic and oh so Freja.

who's that girl? said...

Great to see the Pollini ad, had only seen a thunbnail of it, she's perfect for this!

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy she's doing so good! and the Pollini look suits her nicely

Rrose Sélavy said...

Elise is one of my favs as well! And like all of you, I too think Freja suits this ad perfectly. She's in her element here.