Saturday, October 3, 2009

Making New Friends

It's no secret I love backstage pictures. I love them because they're usually so chaotic and fun - very different from the serious veneer of runway pictures. I also love them because they give us a good indication of which models are friendly backstage.

Yes, sometime models pose together in backstage pictures because they're in the lineup next to each other, but most of the time you see actual model friends hamming it up in front of the lens. And this season Freja seems to have found some new ones. As much as I love Frily and Freidi, I have to say that I'm a bigger fan of Frabbey and Farmen (although I think those names could use some work).

Karmen is one of my favorite models, and Abbey is in my top ten so I like the idea that Freja is friends with them. And Karmen and Abbey definitely know each other because they're both at Next. I don't know why, but I guess in my perfect world all my favorite models would hang out together like one big happy family. It's a Utopic thought, but the reality actually isn't too far away from it. After all, Karlie, Karmen and Cat all live in the same building and bake cookies together.

In addition to making new friends, Freja's connecting with old ones as well.

Here she is with Iselin back in 2007

And here she is with Iselin this season

They have a great knack for taking a succession of pictures together that perfectly capture the off-the-cuff, playful, fun moments I love seeing so much.

Anyway, I know I'm being a bit naive using backstage pictures to gauge model friendships, but it's all we really have to go on. If these girls aren't really friends in real life, at the very least I'd like to see them in an editorial together. Give me Freja, Daria, Karolin, Karmen and Abbey together and I'd be in heaven. Are there any models you want to see Freja with, either in backstage candids or editorials? What's your dream model lineup?

Image Credits: dazeddigital, gobackstage.blogspot, elle, wwd,, sonnyphotos.typepad, nymag,,, celebritycity, fashion_shows


miwa said...

I'd KILL to see Freja and Edita together. In an editorial or backstage, I don't care.
Throw in Yulia Kharlapanova and Lara Stone, and I'd be in heaven.

Cam said...

like the idea of baking cookies together LOL
not very BIG on Abbey but always love to see models enjoying themselves backstage and making funny faces.

Rrose Sélavy said...

I'd love to see Freja and Edita together too. There are a few backstage pics of them from A Wang, but Abbey is in between them. Other than that, I don't think we've ever just seen the two of them.

SF said...

totally agree with miwa. I'd love to see Yulia,Lara and Freja. that's too much badassery to handle.
i don't care for Abbey but Iselin and Karmen are my faves.

Anonymous said...

I'm all for Lara,Freja,Daria and Elise.

tm said...

it's just a dream but i want to see freja with... hannelore knuts