Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Chanel Campaign News

Argentina here we come. In a complete change of direction, Karl will be shooting the SS10 Chanel campaign in Buenos Aires. The Vermont countryside had it's moment in the spotlight, but now it's South America's turn. Here's the excerpt from WWD:
TRAVEL, NOT LEISURE: Karl Lagerfeld will soon have a new stamp in his passport: Argentina. The designer is shooting the next Chanel campaign on location in Buenos Aires with Claudia Schiffer, Freja Beha Erichsen and Baptiste Giabiconi. It will be Lagerfeld’s first time in the South American nation. “I only go to places if I have a professional reason. I’m not a tourist,” he said. The multitasking designer said he would also work on a forthcoming book about architecture in Argentina. — Miles Socha
Unpredictable move for Karl in both location and model choice. Seeing as the runway show was centered around a big barn, one would think Vermont would be the natural location in which to shoot the campaign. So I'm very interested to see how things will turn out and what the final concept will be, especially shooting in a city as beautiful as Buenos Aires. Let's just hope the end result is better than what Karl turned out shooting in Monaco.

With Claudia in the mix (perhaps substituting in for Lara as the blond milkmaid), I think there could be potential for something good. I can't wait to see how everyone works together and how their looks mesh. Leave it to Karl to keep us on our toes, all while remaining somewhat predictable at the same time.

And now, let us have a moment of silence for Heidi. You will be missed but hopefully we'll see you in another campaign.


Anonymous said...

poor Heidi got canned. honestly i was hoping for Lara not Claudia.:(
Congrats to Freja though. she's on her way to being one of Chanel's longest serving faces.

Anonymous said...

I was convinced that years ago KL slagged of Claudia saying she was a terrible model. Same kinda stuff he was saying about Heidi Klum. Did I totally make that up? Confused. Anyway, not happy about use of Claudia. Never been a fan. Freja's in the mix. That's all I care about.