Saturday, October 24, 2009


I was struck by one thing while watching the Chanel details video above: Freja and Baptiste share very similar facial features. I don't know why I never noticed it before. Maybe it wasn't laid out so plainly for me to see like it is in the video.

It's particularly in the way video crops their faces at one point, putting focus on specific features. If you watch starting at 1:55 you can see that Freja and Baptiste have very similar lips and chins. The structure and angles of their faces are also comparable, along with the cut and loose style of their hair.

With the way the cinematography is done in the video, especially the way their footage is cut in succession, I have to think this was intentional. Perhaps Karl's subtle way of showing us why he's so enamored with both Freja and Baptiste? Although Freja came first. :) If you think about it though, she started working a lot with Karl again just around the same time that Baptiste took over for Brad. Coincidence or not? Do you think Baptiste reminds Karl of Freja, or do you think Freja reminds Karl of Baptiste?

I don't really know where I'm going with this...I just think it's kind of amusing. It will be interesting to see how all these working relationships play out down the line. Although I'm half afraid that Freja has been relegated to an accessory role. Judging by what we know about the SS10 campaign being shot in Buenos Aires now, Freja and Baptiste are playing second-fiddle to Claudia so far.

Don't get me wrong, I think it's wonderful that Karl supports Freja so much, but I don't want her to turn into the female equivalent of Brad/Baptiste. I don't want her to get pigeon-holed and consequently written-off as Karl's play thing. I want her to continue working with other designers and creative types in the industry. It's how Freja will continue to grow and develop as a model, and gain new fans and respect. I supposed it's a conundrum though. How do you pick between stability and financial security on one hand, and street cred and risk-taking on the other? And if she's going to keep working with Karl so much, at least he could give her an only girl campaign again. Ugh, I know I'm probably sounding like a petulant, spoiled child right now. Maybe I'll feel better about everything once we see some new Freja material that's not produced by Karl.

But speaking of, he's photographed her (and Baptiste of course) for some book about hair. Schwarskopf is a German hair company and they're celebrating their 111th year by putting out a commemorative book with contributions from various people like Karl.

I think Freja is killing it in these. But I'm still holding out for work not lensed by Karl. :)

Image Credits: rp-online.ed, via tFS members candlebougie


Anonymous said...

The recent Chanel show made me realized why Karl's obsess with these two. I believe it's precisely because of their similarity... it's a 'twin' thing. And Karl probably finds it fascinating and maybe, amusing, at the same time.

SF said...

it'll be real disappointing if we have a repeat of the FW09 ad where she appeared here and there.i honestly prefer her to have 4 or more campaigns than Chanel and two others.
lol we're spoiled,i can't think of any other fans who would complain about a Chanel campaign.

Anonymous said...

yeah they look like twins, that's why I'm in love of them, They're so hot and gorgeous. =P

Simes. said...

Hey! We love her! We are from BA and today we met her in the Alvear Palace Hotel! It was amazing she is so nice! LOVE HER!
We will post the photos tomorrow if you want to check them out.
We are followers now.

Anonymous said...

OMG are you serious!?, I'm so jelaous right now ¬¬, I wanna see thoes photos.

Rrose Sélavy said...

That's awesome! I'm glad the two of you got to meet her! I'll definitely be checking out your blog to see the pics. Thanks for sharing!

Valeria said...

ah, yeah! I live in Germany and I pre-ordered it :)
Oh, and I've also noticed that Karl is very into Freja and does a lot of shoots with her, but that's cool.

ps: do you maybe know where I can find the animated '.gif' of her, where she raises one eyebrow and it was described as a 'fuck you' moment?