Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Fashion Week Has Begun

No pictures yet, but Freja has already made her first appearance for the FW1011 season at the Hexa by Kuho show. According to the New York Time's The Moment's twitter:
Rania opened the Haxa (sic) by Kuho and starred in the film. Also, Tanya D, Freja, Tao...lots of top girls at a cerebal, deconstructed show.
Sounds delightful! I love a good esoteric fashion show and I'm not being facetious here. Koreans are supposedly the next up and coming talents in fashion design so I can't wait to see what they bring. And the fact that Hexa by Kuho was able to get Nick Knight to do a film and book top models on a Wednesday night during a snow storm already speaks volumes to me.

Fashion week has officially begun and I hope you're ready for it!


Pippa said...

im ready for it! cant wait for pics. did an illustration of Freja and have linked your site to it, hope you dont mind:) its at:

COCAMIA said...

I can't wait for some images! How exciting!

Rrose Sélavy said...

@Pippa: Of course I don't mind. :) Btw, you're a wonderful illustrator!