Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Straight From the Mouth

Freja has a little mention in a new interview with Karmen Pedaru on the W Magazine Editor's Blog.
Aside from cookie-baking Karlie, who are your other model friends?
I love Abbey Lee [Kershaw] and Freja [Beha Ericksen]. They are just the coolest girls to hang out with.
Misspelling of Freja's name aside, I think this is adorable. Cool girls flock together like birds of a feather. And it confirms what we already saw during fashion week. Forget Frily, Freidi and all the rest...Farmen is it.

I guess we know who Freja will be hanging out with now that she's moved to NY. Moving cities isn't so bad when you already have friends there to smooth out the transition. :)

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endia said...

Awesome! Three of my favorite girls. They all seem pretty mellow and down to earth, so it's not surprising they would get along well.