Saturday, February 20, 2010

New York FW1011 Recap

New York Fashion Week F/W 10.11 - 14 Shows Total
4 Opening Slots

2 Closing Slots

Alexander Wang - 1 Look
Anna Sui - 2 Looks
Calvin Klein - 2 Looks
Carolina Herrera - 1 Look
Derek Lam (O) - 2 Looks
Diesel (O) - 2 Looks
Hexa by Kuho (C) - 2 Looks
Isaac Mizrahi - 2 Looks
Marc by Marc Jacobs - 1 Look
Marc Jacobs - 1 Look
Michael Kors - 1 Look
Narciso Rodriguez - 2 Looks
Oscar de la Renta (O) (C) - 3 Looks
Y-3 (O) - 1 Look

Wow, what a week it's been. I'm still rubbing my eyes in disbelief at Freja's showing in New York. The week started off earlier than expected with her first appearance at heretofore unknown Korean label Hexa. But after that bright start, things seemed to slow down when Freja missed Rag & Bone on Friday. With her only appearance way back on Wednesday, I wondered if she would be showing up much at all in New York.

Saturday brought the Alexander Wang show, and Freja's only appearance for the day. She was en route to what I predicted; a nice, relaxed, occasional appearance at all the big shows.

However, on Sunday we got our first (of many) surprise when Freja opened the Y-3 show and ended it by triumphantly knocking out Yohji himself.

On Monday the surprises continued when Freja walked Carolina Herrera, a show she last walked two years ago during the FW0809 season. The day ended as expected with Marc Jacobs, a beautifully understated and elegant show. I caught the live stream and it was just breathtaking. The perfect tone to compliment what everyone was feeling going into fashion week with the news of McQueen's death; melancholic and bittersweet, yet hopeful.

Freja continued her streak on Tuesday by opening Derek Lam, walking for Marc by Marc Jacobs, closing the Diesel show and walking for Narciso Rodriguez. Girl was on fire during her busiest day of the week, expertly demonstrating her versatility with the different timbres of each show.

Wednesday brought more surprises (notice a theme here?) in that Freja made her runway debut for two designers. First she walked for Michael Kors in the morning as usual. Then came her debut for Oscar de la Renta, where she opened and closed (!) the show wearing three total looks. You could hear the collective jaw droppings of Freja fans around the world in reaction to this news, but it didn't stop there. Later that night Freja made her debut for Anna Sui, a show I never thought we'd see her walk. But if I learned anything this New York fashion week, it's that anything is possible. All the things you deem impossible, all the limits you think insurmountable, all the boundaries you think impassable; these things are always subject to change. Freja is proof of that in fashion.

On the last day of NYFW, and the last day at Bryant Park, Freja walked for Isaac Mizrahi in the morning and Calvin Klein later during the day. Calvin was another surprise and my favorite appearance of the week. The complex simplicity and minimalistic design tendencies of CK fit sublimely with the angles of Freja's face. The line of the clothes and sleeked back hair style really highlighted her true beauty, and indeed the beauty of every model who walked in the show.

It was by far my favorite cast of models, with a wonderful mix of the old and new. It was risky, yet oh so appropriate for the collection. You can't go wrong with Kristy, Tanga, Stella and Kristen. And the new CK exclusives were amazing as well: Julia Nobis, Gwen Loos, and Melissa Tamarijn. I'll be keeping my eye out for those girls, especially Julia.

It was very fitting that Freja's last show at Bryant Park was Calvin Klein, a brand that she walked for early on in her career. It felt like things were coming around full circle, and I thought it was such a proper ending to her Bryant Park career. Now onto the Kennedy Center next season!

Which shows were your favorites? What was the best surprise for you? With NY taken into consideration, I really can't wait to see what London (hopefully), Milan and Paris have in store for us. Although, I don't think any surprise could top the ones we've already had.

Image Credits:, wwd


Anonymous said...

The biggest surprise imo was Calvin Klein and Oscar de la Renta, but I thought she looked the best at CK. That minimalistic look fits her perfectly.
I really hope she's in London...tomorrow is Williamson and McDonald *crosses fingers*

JC said...

maybe she's doing a lot more shows in NY since she's living there now and it's just easier?

love your recap!

COCAMIA said...

I am so loving her hair right now! The wave and texture and the cut! Great shots!

endia said...

You can add London to your list now. She was at Julian M. :-)

Anonymous said...

And Aquascutum :) Now that's a surprise.

fu said...

she's in LFW!great!

Anonymous said...

Wow. She's in my home town. If I see her I will jump on her.