Wednesday, February 17, 2010

More Word From the Tents....

I thought you all would want to know that I just got another update from Cameo, our intrepid Freja fan who's braving the cold and elements out at the tents. Keep your eyes peeled at Anna Sui, because word around Bryant Park is that a certain someone will be walking that show for the first time ever. This is the same someone that opened and closed Oscar de la Renta earlier today. :) So if things hold true, that will be two brand new runway debuts for two different designers. New York is just full of surprises.

For us Freja fans, all the things we thought would never happen are happening. It's almost too much to handle and too good to be true. Anyway, thanks again Cameo! We love hearing your updates about Freja and it's awesome of you to face the nasty weather in New York. Stay warm!

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endia said...

She's there! What an awesome year so far for Freja!