Friday, February 26, 2010

From Backstage in Milan

You guys all know who Delphine Achard is, right? If you love backstage pictures then you're definitely familiar with her beautiful work. I've talked about her before because I was so drawn to some photographs she took of Freja during the FW0910 season. And it turns out that Delphine is shooting backstage for Vogue Paris and WWD at the Milan shows right now.

Anyway, she knows (and is probably amused at) how huge of a Freja fan I am and all of you are, so she's created a new little section on her website of some backstage pictures from this season, with Freja being featured prominently. Here's a sneak peek below of Freja backstage at Versace:

If you want to see the other pictures I'm sending you to Delphine's own website. If you've never been before, take a few moments, browse around and soak up the beautiful images from various seasons that Delphine deftly captures with her camera. You definitely won't be sorry! Oh, and if you're going to post these anywhere or use them for your tumblrs, blogs, facebooks, twitters, whatever....please don't forget the proper credits and to link back to Delphine's website. We're lucky enough to get these pictures so let's not abuse the privilege please. And more exposure for Delphine might mean more pictures for us in the future. ;) Thank you Delphine!

Image Credits: photographs taken by Delphine Achard @


Hi, I'm awkward said...

Thanks for the link. It still amazes me that she's been going strong for 5 yrs.

Anonymous said...

She looks darling.

COCAMIA said...

She is so stunning in this photo!