Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Report from the Front Lines

If you can recall, last season we were treated to a lovely first hand Freja encounter by fan Cameo. This season, Cameo is once again on the front lines, bringing us news and pictures. Thanks Cameo!

After Carolina Herrera

After Derek Lam

After Diesel

After Marc Jacobs

I'm happy to report from Cameo that Freja is still as gracious and nice as ever. Freja remembered her from last season, signed her copy of Vogue Italia and stopped to chat with her for a bit. I know that that's nothing outrageous, but it's still nice to hear good stories like this. Despite all her years in the industry and all her recent success, Freja has stayed grounded and real. And that's a true rarity in an industry like this, and something I'll always respect. It's probably the main reason why Freja will always remain one of my favorites.

Btw, if you're going to repost these pictures anywhere, please, please, please credit Cameo. She was nice enough to share so we shouldn't take without giving credit where credit is due. Thank you, and thanks once again Cameo, for giving us insight from the tents! Get some sleep, stay warm and enjoy the rest of your fashion week!

Image Credits: taken by Cameo


fede said...

cameeeo!!!!i love u!!!thanks for the pics.u should be freja's personal photo-reporter:)

mimiyoo said...

so pretty ~~~~~~~~

vintageheart said...

in the last picture, freja bears a striking resemblance to kate moss..:)
wouldn't u agree, selavy?