Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tweet, Tweet

Freja was spotted in New York last week, but apparently she's already moved onto Paris this week. Check out these three successive tweets from Heidi Mount posted within hours of each other:

1: just arrived in Paris and i feel like my hotel room is backwards or just not right. that makes no sense

i just threw two sunflower seeds in frejas mouth

3: now i missed

How cute is that!? They always seem to have a fun, laid back time together. Heidi has been updating up her twitter account for a few months now, and she alternates between tweeting about her personal life and her work. She is definitely a reliable source, so we now know that Freja is in Paris working with Heidi on something. Freja already told us she was off on a round trip to NY and Paris a few weeks ago so she's true to her word if any of you ever doubted it.

We keep on getting news of Freja traveling all over the world for work, but it's been so quiet on the editorial front lately. Hopefully all her work these last few months will translate into a plethora of material in a few months time. I can't wait!

Oh, and once again thanks goes to slow_hands over at tFS for the tip. (I swear, sometimes I think you should be writing this blog.)


Anonymous said...

Freja sightings are like that game "where in the world is Carmen Santiago?"

Love this site BTW. keep up the good work!

slow_hands said...

believe me you're doing a great! keep it up;)

Anonymous said...

thanks for keeping all the Freja-fans updated!