Wednesday, August 26, 2009

V in NY

(Edited to add HQs)

Live From New York
V Magazine September 2009
Ph: Mario Sorrenti

Well, we finally know what these candid shots were for....a new V Magazine editorial co-starring Sasha, shot by Mario Sorrenti! I just think it's refreshing to see a new take on shooting in the streets. I'm a sucker for unique perspectives and city shooting. And I'm happy to see Freja back in the pages of V and working with Sorrenti again.

Early on in Freja's career you couldn't flip through V without seeing her. Most notably, she had that amazing cover with Daria and Gemma and this sexy editorial also shot by Sorrenti. Nice to see some things returning to fine form. She's been working with such awesome photographers lately. Terry for Purple Magazine, Willy for Vogue Russia and now Mario. I really like it when she's paired with edgier, riskier photographers instead of the more conventional ones. The resulting work is way better and I think it pushes Freja to her modeling boundaries.

ETA: Too bad these shots aren't in color. That would have been something to see. The last two shots are my favorite. I love how the lines of Freja's and Sasha's bodies compliment the lines of the city landscape. And everything about the last shot is arresting and completely captivating. Notice the Ed Hardy Energy Drink cans on Freja's head a la the FW0910 Alexander McQueen show? Brilliant! Especially when you see it paired with the FW0910 Balenciaga look and it's reliance on drapery. I could go on, but I think I'll do another post after I have some more time to digest and analyze. :)

Image Credits: vmagazine via tFS member TERRYWORLD,,


SF said...

I can't believe this is fashion, cans as headdress?! lol

this is overall a wonderful editorial.Sasha&Freja should work together more often.

Lucy in the Sky said...

omg thank you thank you thank you for posting this up! (and posting the credits!...I found this on Tumblr and was so annoyed because these stunning images weren't credited!) I am so buying this issue even though Lady GAG is on one of the covers...

Anonymous said...

These pics are beyond fierce. Saw them on TFS and
Nice to see Freja & Sasha getting props elsewhere. Think the black and white adds something extra.